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All Real Radio Wishes All Real Dad’s a Happy Fathers Day!

by: dee!colonize

Peace & Blessings!

Today is Father’s Day in the US. Most families take this day as an opportunity to visit and express their gratefulness for the Dad’s in their lives.

We, at All Real Radio, want to say ‘Big Ups’ to all the fathers, dads, Babas, Papas, Popos, etc etc that have mentored the Youth in their lives- whether they physically fathered them or met them and consciously decided to bring them into their fold~ We Thank You for showing up and working hard for your children.

Thank you, also, for further dispelling the Myth of of Absent Black Father (ALL fathers) that permeates so much of our popular media.

We highlight some of our favorite ‘Father’s Day’ songs and pics ~ Enjoy!

Will Smith- Just the Two of Us

Jay Z & Kanye West – New Day #Explicit

The Game feat. Busta Rhymes – Like Father, Like Son

Sending Love, also, to the fathers that are currently incarcerated or otherwise unable to see their children today.



Thank you Juanes. You gave me a wonderful childhood & continue to provide for me and my sisters to the fullest way you can!
I am who I am because you Love me.
Te Quiero Mucho ~*


Join us and Project Forward today for A DAY OF ENCOURAGEMENT

Peace to the Fathers!