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Our First Audio Pop Up This Past Friday @ Bacchus

This past Friday marked our first ever Audio-Pop, which took place at the lovely Mediterranean Wine Bar, Bacchus, on Dunlavy. The All Real Radio team spent some significant time there prior making plans to ensure a great event. We even got our UStream set up to allow those not in HTown to be ‘present’!

DJ Delsur was up first, with dee!colonize signing up Very Imporant Listeners, and Zin doing what Zin does best – Meet, Greet, and create Peace!
It was a quiet vibe until about 6:15 when the first guests began to trickle in and take in the great music & check the wine listing – Red Sangria, please!
We were blessed with Soul One on the 1s and 2s and Bel-Ami stopped in to share some of his hits!

Thank you all who came out to learn about All Real Radio and feel the positive energy we aim to transmit through our radio waves. We look forward to the next one!

Check out sis Renia Butler of Gristle & Gossip who came out to see what we were all about:

“Houston we have a problem and it’s the fact that I have spent the bulk of my life living under a rock and missing out on some true wisdom in the form of music and dialogue! But Alas, I have been saved by Houston’s premier streaming and online radio broadcast – All Real Radio (@allrealradio).

I stopped by their audio pop up at Bacchus not knowing what to expect. Thoughts like, “Does this community even acknowledge food bloggers? Will they care that I have been addicted to their streams for the past 2 weeks? Will there be a pop quiz on what I learned at the end of the event!?” raced through my mind as I walked across Dunlavy St. into the venue.”

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