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Michael Brown: Solidarity & Farrakhan Weighs In

by dee!colonize

Last week and into this week the story & aftermath of the murder of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri at the hands of a police officer on August 9th has been flooding our news feeds via all social media. Those of us involved closely with media have been following closely since first alerted… another unarmed teen lost senselessly. Then came the skewing, the stories, the looting, marches, and riots. The bubbling that boiled over & stole the headlines. The bubbling that boiled over of the pots that original people hold the tops to. Staying silent is complacency, and while many would argue that we must ‘trust’ our justice system to properly deal with these situations, we have seen more often than not that the first priority is often to protect the officer(s) involved…

Here is Minister Louis Farrakhan’s take on all that has transpired in Ferguson via @Brother Jesse Blog

Minister Louis Farrakhan on killing of Michael Brown & conspiracy to destroy Black youth: “Ferguson is a sign”

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

On Sunday, August 17, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a vital message from The Nation of Islam’s National Center, Mosque Maryam in Chicago. In light of the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson and the slaughter of the Palestinians, the world was on edge in anticipation of what the divine man of God would have to share.

“There’s not a lot for me to say that I haven’t already said. It’s just that you have not been listening,” said Min. Farrakhan, who mentioned what he had been in anguish over events the past six weeks. “You treat me like a lovely song. “The Minister’s coming out, let’s hear what his song is today.” And after I speak, you applaud, and go back to your crazy way of life.”

In regards to the death of Michael Brown, he said, “I warn you that something terrible is about to go down, and Ferguson is a sign; a microcosm of the macrocosm. The killing of Michael Brown is one in many–some we know about and some we don’t know about. But every city and town, where Black people live, Black men are being shot down by police!”