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Dr. Pinn & Bun B lead discussion on Ghandi, King, & Hip Hop

People who change the world around them every day have been inspired by others around the world that have changed their every day. Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13, 2015, Rice Professor Anthony Pinn & Bun B, buiding off of their courses on Religion & Hip Hop, will host a panel discussion surrounding the contributions of Ghandi & Martin Luther King to ideas of non-violent struggle and social justice in relation to Hip Hop culture.


Professor Pinn was a guest on todays’ Rise & Grind Show w/ Zin where he said “culture is about humans wanting to understand where and why they are in the world… to make sense of it” and “hip hop travels around the globe and hads the ability to change millions of people through artists and movement.”
To get a complete description of THE INFLUENCE OF GHANDI & KING ON HIP HOP CULTURE visit