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Earth Matters: The divinity of the Original woman hidden behind saints and Madonnas


There is a phrase that goes “form follows function.” Looking at the Original Woman her elegant form parallels, on many levels, that of the planet Earth. When you look at most Original cultures you will find a place of high reverence placed on the “Earth Mother” or more simply Mother Earth. Modern day Western science is just catching up with the knowledge of Original People in terms of the importance of the planet Earth. Current research points to the fact that our planet is actually a living, breathing, single organism that maintains the conditions necessary for its survival. When I say that the Black woman is the Earth I am just reaffirming ancient knowledge in a modern context. The Original woman comes in shades as the soil of Black, Brown and Yellow.

The divinity of the Original woman is hidden in the secret that she is the Earth. It is this planet whose elements we drew from to construct our biological bodies. It is this planet where there is life, love and happiness. It is this planet on which the stories of untold civilizations have been told. By realizing that the Original woman is the Earth one can see that she is the gate to all of this and more. When an Original women realizes and completes the quest for knowledge to gain the full understanding of herself as Earth she has reached her fullest Equality or Ecology.

An Earth has a code which can be looked at as a Queen’s code. It involves loyalty, sincerity, elevation and duty to the people. God is in the Ghetto and the Earth is right there with him. This means that when we are talking about Earth we ain’t talking about no hippie-esque notions of “earth mother.” We are talking though about a woman who knows the connection points between her and the planet. That woman is a jewel because she can make those connection known and relevant to the people. She just isn’t making connection between herself and the planet known. She is able to address the mental, physical and sociological relationship of the Original woman and the state of society to the treatment of the planet Earth.

Various forms of birth control causing dysfunction of the female body (death in some cases) can be likened to the poisoning of the environment with the destruction of plant life and animals. Strip mining causing erosion and floods isn’t that just rape of the planet? In many places where corporations send in workers to do such work they have men only camps. Rapes of Original women in the area or their disappearance jump when such camps are set up. Not valuing the input of women in various levels of government has led to dysfunctional institutions which are withering the life of the people slowly every day.

When the Black woman gains the Knowledge of herself she doesn’t use the white woman as the standard of measurement anymore. She doesn’t fall for any scheme or scenario which causes her to be used as a tool against her people. She recognizes the important parts of the white feminist’s presentation and takes the best part for herself remixing it as Womanism. When white women are celebrating their liberation that came in the 60’s with the advent of the “pill” Original women remind them that they tested it first on unsuspecting Original women in the Caribbean. The Earth makes sure that you are going to recognize that the Earth matters. That word matter comes from a Latin root “mater” which means nothing else except mother.

When colonization and slavery came the indigenous representations of the Earth were often hidden behind saints and Madonnas. There are a slew of Black Madonnas all throughout Europe. The wise know that the virgin of Guadalupe covers the figure of the Mexican Earth mother Tonantzin. The Rom venerates a Black Saint Sara. The smoke and mirrors of all of these women just conceal the divinity of the Original Woman as Earth. They are attributes of the land, the water, the sky, flora and fauna. These women remind us the vessel that life comes through nurturing life mentally and physically. When the Original woman knows and understands herself as Earth she gets back on her job.


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