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God in the Flesh, So you know I’m Fresh


“I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until i prayed with my legs”
-Fredrick Douglas
The motto of All Real Radio is “We Make the World Better.” That involves having a real investment in the world and an understanding that one has the ability to transform the world. That means you start where you are at. For a big portion of Original People (People of Color) that means we’re starting in the hood, the barrio or right in the ghetto. We need to be present where the work needs to be done. That work is as likely to be in the school yard as it is in front of the liquor store. The message goes to those who are in need of the message. The burden is on you though to be the agent of change in the world.
In this column I’ll be talking not about the divinity that is in the Black man and Black woman. I will be talking about the divinity that IS the Black man and woman. By Black I mean Black, Brown and Yellow (Original People). Since I’m a Five Percenter I’ll be using our reference points also where the Black man is God and the Black woman is the Earth acknowledging the divinity of both coordinates. 
I’m talking about man as God, Not God as man. To keep is simple I’m just talking about the Black man taking responsibility or his response ability to the state of his community. I’m not talking about being God as some type of magician like David Blaine. When I talk about Earth I’m talking about the fact that the Original woman has been the caretaker and the environment since as far back as anyone can remember. The state of the planet is often reflected in the state of the Original woman mentally, physically, socially, etc.  The Original Man and Woman both have their jobs cut out for them because only we can fix everything that is wrong with society at this present time.
The phrase “Science of Self” was generated by Supreme Understanding of and myself. We used it as the guiding theme in our Science of Self Series of which now there are two titles. The first is The Science of Self: Man, God and the Mathematical Language of Nature co-written by both of us. The second book in the series was authored by Supreme Understanding entitled When The World Was Black: The Untold Story of the World’s First Civilizations. It comes in two parts. Part I covers pre-historic culture while part II covers ancient civilizations. We are using the series to explore the science of the relationship between the Original Man, Woman and the Universe. They are definitely textbook level though. This column is a testimony to the practical application of that science. It’s practical pure righteous teaching. Because at the end of the day people want to know how you are going to make things different. The science of self is recognizing that everything is everything and you have to extract from yourself the change that you want to see in the world. That means that often you have to change. Often change just comes from admitting that you have some flaws, not ignoring them and working to become better than the day before. 
It is written in one of those books that only the pure in heart shall see God. That often means that children are often the ones who are the barometers of who is righteous, who keeps their word and who is authentic. At the end of the day the youth let you know what’s hot and what’s not in the hood. They let you know who is always there for them. Don’t be mad if its the dopeboy. Step your game up. Taking that phrase in another direction develop ways for the poor in heart to see God because they are so in need of that presence. In the tradition of the Black church God is God of the oppressed not the oppressor. You won’t be fly lording your “knowledge” over people. We aren’t going to wait here for one Black man to return as God. I’m speaking about the Gods who are here. God in the flesh and God hella fresh. Come walk with me on this journey.

ALife Bio Pic _ Updated Final C’BS ALife Allah is the co-author of the ground breaking Science of Self: Man, God and the  Mathematical Language of Nature and the co-editor of the seminal Hood Health Handbook: A  Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community. He also is a contributing writer to the  Hood Health 101 column at the Source blog. He is a community solutionary who concentrates  on Hood Health, Science of Self, the Black Presence and youth empowerment. You can find  more about him at official webpage.
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