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1 Year & More to Grow with All Real Radio

Our Director of Operations gives her insights on a year of All Real Radio…

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June 8th, 2015 marks 1 year since the launch of – an online radio station focused on providing music & news content for a socially-responsible listener- because, lets be real, what is out there now is killing us.
About 6 months prior to that, my partner and I made a conscious decision, after much building, to separate ourselves from other projects & past-times to born this business venture. It was my partners brainchild- after a quick google search though- it was/is truly evident the representation & portal for what has been his life work… and for me, who loves independent media, archiving, art, music, poetry, & to create high frequency vibrations to break the status quo of this world… it quickly became the representation of my life work too.

A Blessed Rising! #RiseandGrind *foto by @jesstojupiter

A Blessed Rising! #RiseandGrind *foto by @jesstojupiter

So, here we are, a year later, having established a strong global following of listeners, partners, affiliates, friends, our main base, a satellite dubbed the ‘Launch Pad, and on the cusps of branching outside of Houston… & I want to talk about it some.
So, if you are interested in what a start up is like in my experience & my thoughts thus far…read on!