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America Eats Its Young: They’re coming for your babies


“..kill the Black baby at birth by sticking a pin in its head or feed it to some wild beast..”

“America Eats its Young” is the title of the funk group, Funkadelic’s, fourth album. America, being a stronghold of white aggression and capitalism, manufactures the ultimate consumers. In order to survive, they have to have a consumer base that is just shy at times of being a slavery caste. The consumer base is reared early on so that the consumer base is actually consuming itself mentally and physically. The consumer base ultimately is the product itself. The primary product of any colonizer are the people that they colonized. They steal their lands, resources, bodies, and identity. They are effective at this because they hit them when they are babies.

If you check the news or history books, western media will often report of foreign countries that are practicing infanticide (the killing of babies). These are always the “dark” countries where the people have been kissed by the sun. The reality is that the consumption and death of the youth has been a primary part of western civilization since its inception. There was the literal cannibalism of children on the Aegean Island of Crete at the end of the Bronze Age/Dawn of the Iron Age. John Boswell wrote the book “The Kindness of Strangers: The Abandonment of Children in Western Europe from Late Antiquity  to the Renaissance.” More recently the bodies of 800 children in Ireland were found in a compound that was run for “fallen women and their illegitimate children” during the years of 1925 to 1961. They were found in a massive septic tank. So, if the destruction of the youth is a thread that runs through western civilization with its own children, what do you think it thinks about Black, Brown, Red and Yellow children? A casual look through America’s history of slavery, colonization, displacement of Original People, and programs throughout its four centuries of existence, will give you a clear picture.

To bring it up to the modern era, we can say names like Trayvon Martin, Aiyana Jones, Tamir Rice and Brisenia Flores. We can highlight on how our youth are targeted by the police in racist strongholds in the North and South. We can also observe how media feeds our children a steady diet of death and destruction daily. The end result of this diet along with a poor education infrastructure is the foundation for the prison to pipeline mechanism. Prisons are highly becoming privatized where investors are making money off of our youth who are being fed into this pipeline. This is covered in the documentary “Elementary Genocide: The School to Prison Pipeline” by  Rahiem Shabazz. America eats its young.

In all of the above, there is the secret that they hope to hide from you. White Aggression is founded in part on the fear of Original People. You can see it in their knee jerk reaction to every interaction with Original People where they feel they need to establish “control.” It is why they have to demonize us with names like “thug”, “savages”, etc. They have to justify their fear. The secret that they hope to hide from you is that they realize that they are staring into the faces of the Divine and in doing so their own sins will become transparent. In public, they may preach about the God of the New Testament with his endless mercy and forgiveness, yet in their heart ,they still fear the God of the Old Testament with his judgment. If you had slaughtered, raped, murdered and terrorized a people for thousands of year, you’d be scared also.

The reality is that though we, as Original People, may have to go through this conflict of setting the record straight that may involve levels of fighting; We are working towards designing paradise. They can only see Hell because that is what they put the Original People through. We see heaven because that is what we are rooted in.   If you are an adult, I suggest you invest in designing the future. Get out there, talk to and teach the youth. They are literally the time capsules and engines of transformation that are going to make the future. When I mean the youth, I don’t just mean those who come from stable two parent households or who are signed up for every after school extra curricular activity. I am talking about the fatherless, the motherless, the knucklehead, the gang banger, the street urchin, etc. Some of the “conscious community” doesn’t realize that they are sounding just like their parents the way that they talk about our youth. That is the true generational curse. They think they are “enlightened” yet have just been subverted by the power that be. That’s some old “Merica” stuff. In Original lifestyles, the elders and the community as a whole have always added on with the youth. That’s because the youth are the extension of the community. You complain about the direction of their energy yet have constructed direction for that energy. If you don’t take time with the youth somebody will. This western society survives by devouring and perverting our youth. They deserve better. They deserve Divine Intervention. By Divine Intervention I simply mean they deserve Original Men and Women who will stand up for them.  If you’re scared just sit down yet also keep your mouth shut. There are those of us who are doing that work. Our youth are valuable, they need to know it and they need our assistance. Be their strongest allies and advocates.


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