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They Murdered Jesus: The U.S. Government has always killed Original People


“Jesus was the original rapper though. He was a black guy, or at least dark. Hung with a posse of homies, one of them was strapped with a knife. Went to war with the government [and] lost like a lot of black guys do. And everybody loved him more after he died, like Tupac.”-Killer Mike on Real Time with Bill Maher
If you have the grew up with the sanitized version of the story of the man called Jesus Christ (otherwise known as the story of white Jesus) you have an edited version. It’s really like eating some meal without any spice and seasoning. The story of white Jesus was designed to keep all of the swarthy dark skinned peoples (insert Black, Indians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, etc) under the thumb of the colonizer. If you want that full story you’re going to have to read all of the verses that your pastor, reverend, father, etc is skipping over. Trust me, the full story is a lot more high powered than hippie Jesus and there are a lot more plot twist.
The quote by Killer Mike above summarizes a main element that is often skipped over by those who want to push a pacifist Christ. Jesus wrecked shopped by flipping over the money tables of corrupt priest who were in the employ of the government of that time (Rome). He wasn’t arrested for declaring that he was the son of God. He was arrested for sedition. That means he was arrested for rebelling against the government. Killer Mike also points out that one of Jesus’ people were armed with a sword. In fact he told some if they didn’t have one go and get one. Yeah, they skip those parts. As a result of his rebellion, Jesus was executed by the government. Yes folks, Jesus was literally given the electric chair by politicians.
You neighborhood may talk all the time how the church is the body of Christ. Well then, if your church is all people of Color, who do you think that body is? When you recognize that it is no mystery why the government of this country has never valued the the lives of Black, Brown, Red and Yellow peoples. That is not a debate that is even worthy of having. The extensive history of colonization, slavery, genocide and displacement is written in every square mile of this country. That is why it is important to examine the current national events happening through the lens and context of history. Blacks didn’t just started getting killed in crazy numbers by police. Blacks didn’t just start uprising. Mexicans didn’t just started getting terrorized and mistreated at the border, as migrant farmers and as immigrants. No body wants to talk about the Red summer of 1919. No one wants to talk about how the United States government deported thousands of Mexican-Americans who were legal citizens at the early part of the last century under the pretense that they were “illegal aliens.” Nobody wants to talk about white people rioting where the results are Black or Brown people being killed. Nobody wants to talk about lynching parties, sundown towns and about the first home grown terrorist group still exists, the KKK.
Now if the Original People are the Body of Christ then the next thing that logically must happen is that they have to rise up. That is the uprising. First has to be an awareness of the corrupt system followed by appropriate action. That is Knowledge and Wisdom. Resurrection lies within. When the people rise up that is the science of Power to the People. That is the resurrection. That rising up is the uprising. What role are you playing is the transformation of the world into one that you want to be after you are gone? Are you constructing the hereafter? What is the inheritance that you are going to leave your children?
In the teachings of various Black groups in America (the Moorish Science Temple, The Nation of Islam, The Five Percenters, etc) Christ is referred to as the Crusher. Christ as a word means “anointed one.” In ancient times that means precious oil was poured on the head of a priest or king to show that they were the chosen one for said position. The word taken all the way back to its Hebrew root doesn’t just mean the anointing. It refers also to the crushing that had to be done to the olives and other things to make the oil. So throw on your freshest frankincense and myrrh, perfume or cologne cause you’re the one you’ve been waiting on. Jesus means Just Us and it’s just us who are going to bring justice to this society.

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