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Burning the House of God in order to get to the Temple


They are burning the house of God yet in reality they want to destroy the temple of God. The temple of God is Man. To be precise the temple of God is the Original Man. Make no mistake the Klan is a home grown terrorist organization. It was founded as such and remains such. They work to spread terror because white supremacy at its core is a fear of the global majority. So one of the strongest tactics that they utilize is to inspire fear in the Original Man so that he won’t realize that he is the global majority and set the world right. We are living in a time where it seems as though the end game of white supremacy is working to rush itself towards Apocalypse. It is almost a rabid attack in direct proportion to segments of the global majority waking up and demanding action, transformation and change.
Make no mistake, the burning of 8 historical Black churches in the last 10 day is an act of domestic terrorism. To be very clear it is an attack by white terrorist against Black people. Each move is a calculated move to plant fear in the minds of the people. They did not go into the “hood” to try to cause problems. They go to where they have traditionally gone, to the meek and humble. In burning these churches they are not just burning buildings. In many cases the churches are hundreds of years old. They are working to destroy family history and legacy.
At this point in the game we do not expect quick action by the powers that be. If a muslim had blown up a church and killed 9 white people and then later on 8 white churches blew up we would have way been past the point of red alert. It would be over every news station. At this point the media is still playing the dummy game either ignoring the church burnings or acting as if they don’t know the connection or cause. Remember, this is the same media which when one CVS was burned down during the Baltimore Uprising it was all over the news 24/7 with commentary on the “thugs” who did it. Those same stations which covered it are hardly making a peep about these churches. Nor do I expect them to in “post-racial” America. At least in the 60’s no one tried to explain away Black churches burning. They knew white people did that stuff whether they were liberals or Dixiecrats. 
Though they burn churches at night, kill grandmothers and children and threaten female pastors make no mistake…they are trying to destroy the temple of God. The destruction at the root is mental. The reality is that a worldwide minority does not have the power to destroy the majority unless they make the majority complicit in their own destruction. That is the science of terrorism. It is to destroy the moral and fortitude of the enemy mentally. They are afraid of the temple of God (the Original man) because they know that Original People ushering in Paradise means that those who aren’t for it may have to be brought through Hell.
The burning of churches is happening almost a full 50 years since the last hardcore rash of burnings in the sixties. It is important to note that they are burning what they perceive to the the house of God yet really want to get to the temple of God which is the people. At this juncture in time we need to let those burnings be a clear sign that things are not peace. Let those fires be the fire that forges your own fortitude and resolve to make a difference in this world. It is not the time for separation. It is time for Original people to collective bring the temple back to the forefront in terms of our actions. We cannot wait for the world to take notice we have to put them on notice. The trending hashtag right now is #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches. Make the public take notice and hold your officials in your area to accountability. Seek ways in which you can build solidarity and action with all Original People in these times. Get your weight up in defense training. Own your neighborhood. Find some way to leave a legacy in these time. They don’t want to see the temple. Put that temple on hill through what you build so that there is no way that they can avoid it. 

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