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Desecrating the Body of the Divine: Cecil the Lion vs. Black Lives Matter

There is a white Death Cult, which, for short hand, I have been calling the Bone Society. In looking at historical white aggression there appears to be a common thread that weaves itself throughout European culture from prehistoric times through the middle ages into the present. This common thread involves many elements such as the lack of empathy for the suffering of people, cannibalism, suffering iconography of Catholicism, artifacts made of human remains (ossuraries, saint body parts,etc) , glorification of death (mass shooter psychology, goth/vampire culture), hording the remains of original people (Indigenous skeletons in museums, the body of Sarah Baartman), Organ harvesting, etc. The Bone Society is still a developing hypothesis. One element of it that I want to focus in on is the desecration of the Black body.

After slavery ended in the states after the Civil War (well technically physical slavery only ended if one wasn’t imprisoned. If you are imprisoned legally it is okay to use you as a slave) the reign of terror against Black people shifted into a stronger phase. This was the beginning of the Ku Klux Klan, America’s homegrown terrorist organization. One of the strongest weapons of terror that was used against Black people (this is inclusive of Indigenous Nations and Mexicans also…that is an untold story) was lynching. On the surface it was presented as just a means of execution for (supposed) crimes. When you did deeper your stomach may start to turn. They often left the dead body hanging as a “warning” to other Blacks (just like they left Michael Brown’s dead body out in the street). They often had lynching parties where whole families would come out to watch lynching. They took pictures and made postcards of these events (many of which have survived to this day). Finally 90% of the time they castrated the man (what part of “justice” is that) and made items such as tobacco pouches with their genitals. This desecration of the Black body brings me to another dimension of the Bone Society…the humanization of animals at the expense of “animalizing” Black people.

The story of Cecil the lion is taking over (white) media at a phenomenal rate. They are outraged that a beloved lion such as Cecil could so callously be killed by a dentist from the United States. Hashtags have gone up. Social Media sites are on fire. The dentist’s practice has been shut down. It is rumored that he has received death threats and is in hiding. While I am writing this I am envisioning Sara Mclachlan doing one of her “save the animal” commercials on late night television. Granted, it is the height of white privelege. This dude ain’t even a hunter. He is a damn old ass dentist who paid to hunt a lion. In the predictable realm of not taking accountability, he is blaming the Black hunters who took him on the hunt. He ain’t even answering the question on why he feels the need to go and slaughter an animal half way across the planet. In the midst of this outrage for the death of Cecil by white media, something is clearly noticed. There is no outcry of remorse or outrage for the slew of Black deaths that are happening by the hands of white police IN the United States. Government officials are on social media shouting outrage at the killing of Cecil the Lion while Black and Brown lives are being poached in their own states. They have not said a word about Black and Brown lives. Jimmy Kimmel is on television tearing up over a murdered lion. Have you seen any white celebrity or government official shed a tear over any of the Black and Brown lives that have been lost? In fact, coupled with this extreme white silence on the death of Black men and women is also an undercurrent of a portion of the white community who is mocking their deaths.


“Causally” there is a segment of white ‘Merica which is hanging Black dolls to appear as if they are being lynched in mockery. How many white government officials have referred to President Obama or his family as monkeys in word or by cartoon? Our Black children are constantly called animals. Along with things like this there is one thing that is present also. The deafening silence of white ‘Merica condemning their own. While if Black america dares to address white on Black violence we are asked why we aren’t talking about “black on black crime” (that is a whole other essay).  They have reduced the body of God to mockery. If they were truly familiar with their own religious texts they would see this in the mockery of Jesus at his crucifixion. And just like lynched Black bodies throughout the history of ‘Merica they left the body of Jesus hanging as a warning.

In the midst of all of the Black and Brown murders that are taking place take time to step away from social media. If my daughter was raped I would not need to see the tape. I only need to make sure that the tape gets into the hands of the jury and is weighed accordingly. The constant imagery of Black and Brown people being murdered is also a psychological weapon. Its purpose is to break us down so that we feel hopeless and stressed. Also, in tune with the Bone Society hypothesis, there is a segment of white society who relishes in watching these murders being played out again and again on tape. They are addicted to racial violence porn. Don’t feed into this.

The movement of Black Lives Matter is not to elicit compassion from those who are compassion-less. Your silence has already snitched on you. It is the declaration to all that we are awoke or awakening and letting you know what time it is. Black Lives Matter because Black is the Matter that is the origin of all. Mental resurrection is physical regeneration. That is why this is a movement of the people without defined leaders. It is time for the reversal of polarities. As the old verse says “first shall be last and the last shall be first.” By reducing the Black family to the level of animals all of these years they neglected to internalize that saying. Now though the uprising is in progress. What you going to do when the Gods and the Earths are fully back on the scene? There always comes a time for accountability. If you are white please check yourself. If you are of the global majority check all of your white interactions. Let nobody be “safe” from having to explain their selves in these days and times. Call their punk asses out. And if you think a dead lion on the other side of the planet is more important than dead original women in cells or Black men having their spines broken by police or Black children being shot by police…we are not alike. Black Lives Matter.


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