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Madonna and Child: The divinity embedded in the single mother and child

Even if you aren’t Catholic, you are familiar with the image of the Madonna and child. This is the symbol

of Mary holding Christ. The imagery predates the Catholic church’s hijacking of the image. The symbolic

display of mother and child is found all throughout the ancient world. One of the most prominent

versions of this image (and most likely the source of the Catholic version) is from Egypt with Auset (Isis)

and her son Heru (Horus). This imagery was far flung with the worship of both finding its way all into

Greece and Italy before and during the era of the Roman Empire.

Looking at the image one thing that you notice is the lack of the father. In the Christian tradition “god” is

an absentee father and Joseph steps up and takes on the role. In the Egyptian tradition it was the

enemies of Ausar (Osiris) who killed him removing him from the lives of Auset and Heru. If you look at

the Black and Brown communities we have several single mothers whose mate is absent due to not

stepping up to the job or being removed due to some external factor. In the lives of their children they

are either physically dead or mentally dead. We are left then with the single mother who is singled out

as the failure of the family structure though in many cases she is carrying a burden that is beyond what

most can comprehend.

There is divinity in the presence of the single mother and child. This is not an article to bash single

mothers (though there are some horrible ones). This is also not an article to single out absentee fathers

(who some aren’t allowed to come into their children’s lives). We are simply going to speak on the single

mother who has been declared to be the ills of everything in society from the economy to the state of

Black and Brown crime in America. I want to have you to reflect on that imagery of mother and child as

Madonna and Christ or Auset and Heru.



That woman is the vessel through which the unseen is made seen. Many ancient societies took a while

to realize the source of life in terms of the birth process yet they saw the effect of that source as the

pregnancy of the Original woman happened. And our wise forbearers noticed how that process

unfolded parallel to the birth process of flora and fauna. They started to see cyclical time eras in the sun,

the moon and the starts. They realized that in her womb the mystery of life was starting to unveil itself.

They saw that she held a sea within her.

The denigration of Black and Brown single mothers is a weaponized psychological weapon that was

planted in our community. Looking at older traditional Black and Brown communities concepts such as

“bastard” and stuff was very rare. The reason that it is so prominent is western society is because the

strong connection between male lineage and inheritance. In Original communities we have always

acknowledged that it takes a village to raise a child. There is one community. That child is my child. That

woman is still to be under my protection. Whether or not one has a strict mono-personal relationship

doesn’t matter one bit.

My son came into my life when he was a little over one years old (I can’t believe he’s 16

fact…I’m going to pretend like he isn’t taller than me). I was with his mother for a little over eight years.

His physical father was nowhere to be found. I remember one time his mother and I got into an

argument. During the course of it she said “I gave you my greatest gift, my son.” That has always stayed

with me. These women protect and cherish the babies of the community. My father told me that if I

ever decided to become involved with a woman with children they are your children at that point. He

said you show and prove how much you love her only through how much you respect and love her

children. Since that time I have been involved with women with children and always on my mental is this

child is her best part. Let me show my reverence that I have for the woman through the full

acknowledgement of her child in space and time.

To my fellas out there….that woman is gonna qualify or disqualify you as a man. How you interact with

her children reveals whether you are weak or strong. She is looking to see that glimmer in your eye. Are

you “Yahweh” or are you “Ausar”? Are you man enough to realize that you are to be a man of the

community and step up where another man has failed? We don’t do that “step-dad” stuff in our

communities. Either you are or aren’t a man who is stepping fully into the role of father.

Original Woman, settle for nothing less. There are men out there who recognize the weight in your

heart. They are willing and capable to cherish you and yours. Harden not your hearts. Sometimes what

you are looking for is right in front of your face yet you can’t see it like you can’t see your nose. The

mother and child are part of the community. Together we are community. If you aren’t important than

that image of mother and child would’ve long faded from people’s mental. We see you though. We see

that divinity that is you.


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