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A Day to The Lord is as a Thousand Years: The Science of Long Term Planning

The way Western society is set up nowadays is on some live in the moment steelo. There is some value in this when approached from a Buddhist type “being mindful” direction (check out my piece Buddha on the Block: Enlightenment is in the Inner City) yet the way that the West does this is on some “crash and burn” type philosophy. Add to this a health dose of the “weapons of mass distraction” it is no surprise that many of us can’t get a damn thing done. People will hit “like” on a comment, quote or meme on social media consistently during the day yet when asked what they did to move their selves towards one of their goals you’d be hard pressed to find someone who did something daily to get closer to their goals. Many can’t tell you their plans for the week so how can they tell your how their goals are supposed to unfold over the coming months or year?

When whites first came into Egypt, Mesoamerica or the Far East and saw the pyramids they just knew that divine people had made them. Now white people couldn’t see the people who were there as those divine people yet in reality they were. They were the one’s who built those structures. Yes Original people people, y’all’s ancestors built those thangs. And guess what…they didn’t plan that stuff over night. Some of the pyramids are aligned with star formations that you have to observe over thousands of years to see. That means that information was being passed down from generation to generation. Also pyramids often weren’t built during one one generation. this means that they were doing extensive planning and execution.

Deities always wrote history in advance. It was later prophets or seers who revealed the future to the people yet it was already declared to be so by the gods. Corporations definitely don’t operate on some “do things in the moment” or “last minute” plans of action. They have weekly updates, quarterly meetings, monitor trending subjects and write out projections for upcoming years. Corporations on many levels mimic communal Original communities as we taught them how to plan out things long term. Planning out the future on a long term is a theme in science fiction also from the “Golden Path” mentioned in the Dune books by Frank Herbert to “Psychohistory” in the Foundation books by Isaac Asimov. In those books they are talking on the order of thousands of years yet what can be gleamed from all of the above examples is that you have more control over your own future than you give yourself credit for.

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One of the most simple things that we have to do is determine what it is that we want out of life. It can be as trivial or grandiose as we define it to be yet we have to define it. The problem is that many of us don’t even know what we want out of life and then get upset when we aren’t getting “anything.” When your idea is determined it develops a certain tangibility. When your focus is narrowed you start to see the resources in your environment and what you thought was at first desolate becomes abundant. The next step you need to do is take a realistic review of your own personal inventory. I don’t mean material things. I mean what is it that you are built to do. What skills do you already have that you may be overlooking? Next up to bat is remixing your time. First out the gate I guarantee you’re going to have to change your relationship with social media. The average person spends too much time literally in a swamp of useless information getting nothing done. Limit your time on social media. Fast from certain sites. Read the articles you like or post AND do some direction action which is based off of the information that you learned in the article. Use youtube for do it yourself projects. Use twitter to connect with people who are movers and shakers in the fields you are interested in or projects you are working on. If whole countries, corporations, etc can plan out projects that take years to unfold with dozens or hundreds of people working on making it happen clearly one person can determine the trajectory of their life. Can you make a daily goal? Can you make a weekly goal? Can you extend that into a month or a year? The answer is not can you…the question is what does it take to make it happen.

Start designing your life as the great novel which hasn’t been written. You are the main character of this novel. This isn’t just choose your own adventure. This is design your life. Let your vision be grand yet remember the foundation and initial steps are supposed to be small. You are working on consistency vs your whole life changing in one day. Start simply with having a zero sum day. That means that you do one thing towards your goal. You don’t have to write a book…write a sentence. You don’t have to do 100 push ups…pump one out. Just start looking at your life on the increase. Remember it isn’t just enough to think about change. You have to be clear on the change, plan the change and execute the change.


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