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Live Forever

Live forever. Claim that agency in your life. By living forever I don’t mean that you seek to extend your physical life to some insane age by science and technology like some science fiction character. The quest to preserve your life in one form by plastic surgery or searching for some missing mutant gene is a road laden with disaster. When people seek to live forever that way they are seeking to freeze time in one particular moment. A cursory view of time will let one know that the one constant is change and transformation. We live more in a world of verbs vs nouns. The key is to reflect on what is your core character and how to enable it to travel down the future corridor of time.

They speak of the divine right of kings and queens. This is the supposedly the right of a king or queen to rule due to their lineage from deities or because their lineage was blessed by deities. The word ruler in English is a homonym (words that has the same spelling yet different meanings). It can mean a ruler like in the instance of a king or queen governing a group of people or it can mean a device used for measuring. In this case when I speak of the divine right as God or Earth I am saying that you can rule forever or that the when you invest in making your character solid it can impact generations after you. You can be the standard of measurement beyond the life of your physical shell.
Many ways of life emphasize honoring the ancestors. You are literally your ancestor. The genetic material that is your body is the combination of DNA from your father and mother whose DNA is the combination of DNA from your grandparents and so forth. You are your ancestor in modern time. You can travel through the future by reproducing physically. You also travel to the future through the impact that you make in this present time. This is why one should make a conscious effort to see how great their sphere of influence can be. Your shell return to ashes and dust yet your works have the potential to keep reverberating throughout time.
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Recently the Hip Hop world was hit with the passing of the great emcee Sean Price who died in his sleep at the age of 43. What is notable about him is that on various social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, he has been the trending topic for days. By glancing over the many posts about him in the different feeds you will find stories celebrating him as a great emcee, an incredible family man and a solid comedian. The legendary graph artist Mear One immortalized him with a mural in Brownsville. People are keeping his name alive by speaking of his legacy. This is how you live forever.
If you were asked to list your values could you? If you were asked to list what have you done or what are you doing that will exist after you have died could you do it? If you were to look directly around you can you honestly say you are having an impact on the lives of the closest people in your life? When you say you are God or Earth you never exist strictly in the present. You are encapsulating the past as a present day ancestor. You are going going Black to the future in the vehicles of your children or the people you taught. Harness though powers of space and time by committing to excellence in all that you do. Make sure the world never forgets your name or make sure you works are eternal even if your name is forgotten through the landscape of time.

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