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On Incremental Change vs. Revolution

First and foremost, let’s be clear: we need a revolution. We (black people in the United States of America) need to get up and demand a complete overhaul of just about everything. The criminal justice system needs to stop targeting us with more frequent arrests and harsher sentencing. Police officers need to stop shooting us dead in the streets. Banks need to stop giving us subprime loans (or baselessly denying them altogether) and continuing the legacy of redlining. Healthcare needs to be accessible to all. Schools need to teach our children instead of pushing them out to the criminal justice system as soon as possible. Violence against us needs to be punished instead of excused and/or celebrated. The list of demands is long.

What do we do in the interim, though? While demanding change and educating others do we opt out of everything we have been doing up to this point? Should we take an all or nothing approach, or travel on parallel paths simultaneously?



deanna adams

Musings on a Limb ~ Thoughts of a black, atheist, natural hair rocking, professional mom

In addition to living in this interesting world and paying attention, Deanna Adams serves on the board of a local organization created to support African-American freethinkers in her area of the United States. On “Musings on a Limb,” she expresses her views as an African-American, atheist, professional mom on subjects related to the intersectionality of racism and skepticism.