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The Voice of God: Controlling the Narrative in Popular Media

In the biblical tradition of the Old Testament, God inscribed the commandments on stone tablets. In the Christian tradition, Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh. In the Muslim tradition, the Koran was delivered to Muhammad via an angel who told Muhammad to recite. In all of those traditions, the authority of the word (whether written, oral or embodied in flesh) emanates from God. It is the word of God that is supposed to be the grounding force in reality. The Black man is God and the Black woman is Earth in our various shades of Black, Brown and Yellow as the global majority. Black man, as God, your voice is invested with authority. Black woman, as Earth, you leave deep impressionable messages that are as embedded as the records of the ages of the planet in the geological layers of the soil, mountains and rings of trees. In both cases, we just have to assume our roles authority, setting the record straight, and just being inherently fly while we do.

The youngest people on this planet has designed an unending propaganda machine via media, their educational system and remixing history. They place their selves at the center of reality at the expense of reducing, stealing the works of, or neglecting the presence of the global majority. They, over centuries, have controlled the narrative. The great Langston Hughes wrote a piece about when you change the narrative you change your destiny. When you are writing the story you can change who you are in the story. You can alter plot lines. You can throw in plot twists. The resolution of the story is in your hands. The first step in doing this in actuality is understanding what role you play in enforcing the current narrative.
Racist people say and do racist things. That is basically common sense. The role that many play in enabling those things is by being free promotion for those suckers. When some far right wing republican or a patronizing white liberal says something on Fox news or in some paper often we post that stuff all over our social networks. Listen, racist people are racist, fire is hot and Santa Claus ain’t real. When we fully participate in their media you are building its popularity that eventually translates into more money for them. Stop that. Give them no more light. Be aware of what is going on in terms of actual events yet racist commentary on the events…don’t spread that stuff.  You have to control, take charge of and change the narrative.
Social Media is incredible. With things such as citizen reporting we control more of the flow of information than we realize. Through media such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc we are pushing trending topics. We have been doing it to such a great degree that there are algorithms (mathematical formulas) that identify Black twitter, Black Facebook, etc. If you notice in the months since the beginning of Black Spring (whose beginning is marked by many with the uprisings in Ferguson, Baltimore and the raising in awareness of police brutality against Black lives) your feed on all of your social media has probably been filled with less entertainment/reality television/sport stuff and more political posts. This is a direct result not of Original People. It was not a move made by popular media. In fact, in many cases, popular media has been seen trying to dismiss such news stories or spin them in a negative manner.
Utilizing Social media there are two ways that one can address injustice. One way is just to complain about what is wrong. This does bring attention to the injustices yet leaves a void in terms of solutions. The second way is to constantly use social media to promote solutions to the problems out there. The first way is just destruction. The second way you remove the negative by building. We won’t play their game. Stop engaging the racists. They are racist. Your goal shouldn’t be to try to convert the racist. The goal is to continue to build our community, resources and future. In that script the racist is destroyed by our simple unity. Change that narrative.
Legal doesn’t equal moral. Slavery was legal. Segregation was legal. Colonization was legal. Interment camps were legal. We indulge in discussion with grown ass men who hide behind “it was legal” when they kill children, men/women are killed for traffic infractions, and ignore the cries of the people they are killing as they die in their choke holds. These are not men. That is not manhood. When a man messes up he admits it. He doesn’t cry “not guilty” with the quickness. He doesn’t have his friends lie for him. He takes the weight. I’m charging a host of cops with not being men. This is not about legality. This is about morality that doesn’t need religion to uphold it. I won’t engage in debates over this. Neither should you.
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At this stage the only weapons that they understand is shame. Many of the laws were changed during the 60’s and 70’s due to several factors. One of the major factors is because America was shammed in the eyes of the world. This works right in tune with what I am promoting. We need to continue to unify the global majority as one so that our voice becomes one. In the united states Black, Brown and Yellow need to continue to come together to promote that which is morally right instead of resting just on legally right. One of the clearest path is just not to give a funk about what that other man is talking about and get busy teaching our own by all means necessary.
We control the content of our social media channels. Get busy dropping the real. Yes, I know their history books are messed up. Let’s write and read our own like When the World Was Black from Supreme Design Publishing. Let’s have after school study groups. Found a Black history book club. Drop facts in your barber shop, hair salon or corner store. Realize that the “share”, “like”, “comment”, “repost”, etc functions of your social media are like currency. Start spending your currency on higher quality content. Leave those white washed media channels alone. Check out Black blogs and online newsletters. Listen to All Real Radio. Check out Media Blackout. It’s out there. We’re out there because we’re the global majority.
Just because they are major media channels doesn’t mean they are the authority. That which is righteous is authority. Original people are the authors of it. You do not get to be the moral barometer when you have imposed slavery, genocide, death and destruction every place that you have touched down on the planet Earth and NEVER even acknowledged it. Nah B, you don’t get to do that. The only reason that they have taken that position is because we have allowed them the room to speak those lies. Like O.C. said “Times Up.” We’re here to speak for the children, the poor and the disenfranchised.  This is the divine word which is also being made flesh through the movement of the people. We’re coming for the gold (goals) and after that the platinum. Let’s do this.

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