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Bringing Heaven to Earth: The neighborhood landscape and how to infuse it with divinity

You cannot deny that our communities have taken a pounding throughout the decades. There is no one point in time that you can point to that herald in the destruction. Many point to integration where autonomous Black and Brown communities became infiltrated by white economics. Others will point to independent Black cities being destroyed by white mobs. Some will point to the chemical wars of the 70’s and 80’s. While others will single out the housing warfare that restricted parts of the Black and Brown community to Section 8 Housing (that was originally designed and inhabited by the white working class) while providing loans to white families to move into single family homes creating the suburbs. Yet others will point to the fact that upon their arrival on these shores white people pushed Native Nations into reservations and straight land compounds. What we can agree upon is this…stuff is messed up.
Every hood USA is often peppered with Poverty Prosperity Pulpit Pimps, mad liquor stores, and 1001 corner stores ,yet no grocery stores or farmer’s markets. Make no mistake, this is by design and isn’t just an accident. Banks in said areas will often give out loan to certain ethnic groups rather than give out loans to a neighborhood’s indigenous inhabitants. The “old wealth” in said neighborhoods is usually locked up in the funeral homes, a staple of any hood. Though all that I just revealed my be seen as a tale of despair and desperation there is always hope. The hope and the duty of God and Earth is to bring heaven to earth. Its about installing a divine kingdom which is just a fruitful and functional community.
Ancient man terra formed and transformed their environment. They took small budding grasses and transformed them into corn. They took wild wolves and came up with damn chihuahuas. They figured out how to harness the power of the water and wind. They unlocked the chemical potential in rocks and metals. They were some baaaad people (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good). That ability to transform the world around you is encoded in your divine nature acceptance (DNA) original people. Get up and get to doing.
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Ownership of your neighborhood starts when you recognize that you just aren’t paying rent to live in a place. You are a functional part of the whole ecosystem of your residence. Two of the members of the Lox, Styles P and Jadakiss, have been showing people how its done by opening up a chain of juice bars in various communities. We often complain about the amount of liquor stores in our neighborhood, yet it isn’t just about complaining nor boycotting. It is about having the vision to invest in something that will make long lasting change. Oftentimes we get overwhelmed by the state of society and just punk out. We know that something needs to be done yet we don’t know where to start. My brother Supreme Understanding says that the whole hood is indigenous. When you realize that the answers appear right before you because the models were there all along.
Investment in one’s community just means that you care about where you live and the area around it. Take a look at your skill set and see where you can add on. You might not have the money to buy up mad blocks yet you probably can pick up the trash on your block. Do you know your neighbors? Do you speak to the youth in your hood? You know that the hair salon and barbershop are surrogate “watering holes” in your community. Become an entrepreneur and start a partnership with those spots. Get a product like books, music, clothes, etc Build up a small business of selling goods that people in your neighborhood need. Work with alliances of parents (like the mothers in Chicago) to spend time on the block to reduce violence in your neighborhood. Become protectors of your youth by being the eyes that record and the arms that intervene when the cops are stepping out of bounds with the youth. Bring heaven to earth right now. Be a divine architect. Its where you live folks. Who wouldn’t want to live in heaven? And who wouldn’t want to live in heaven right now?

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