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Here Comes the Sun: You were born to fight against the darkness

You were born to fight against the darkness. When you emerged from the shadows of your mother’s womb that first cry wasn’t only to intake your first breath. It was a cry of victory of crossing the bridge between darkness into the light which is life. With that said, you shouldn’t fear the darkness. The darkness is just the test for you to show the abundance of light which is life that you have access to. In this current society and world where it appears that the darkness is always “winning”, it is easy to forget that.
In a lot of the ancient mythological and religious epics, the sun deity fights against the night often personified as a great serpent or dragon. At times this is laid down as the first fight that happened to bring forth the creation of the world and the first day. In other traditions it is a cycle that is repeated every morning. In each case the light is the champion of life and strives for its continuance. In this present world it your duty to be the source, amplifier, reflector, magnifier of light and life throughout the currents of darkness and despair that appear to be ever present.


The current climate on so many levels is anti-righteousness and pro-wickedness. Righteousness is the greatest good of preserving and maximizing life of oneself, one’s family, one’s community and in the long run the world. Wickedness is hyper-individualism, destruction of life and life’s vessels, restricting opportunities for growth and development. The times that we are in calls for those who will rally and fight for what is right and just. This era can not afford those who turn a blind eyes. In the long term scheme of things those who receive some of the sternest punishments aren’t the wicked. It is the apathetic who deserved the most condemnation. Those who choose neutrality in the face of evil are are the embodiment of a weakness that shouldn’t be allowed to travel from generation to generation.
Start with the duty and responsibility you have to your immediate community. Speak up in the face of what is wrong. Make positive moves that transforms the lives of others on the most basic level. Step up to ease someone’s suffering. Many of us come from religious traditions where suffering and sacrifice is celebrated as ways to show that we are “in tune” with the “divine.” Divinity doesn’t require nights of long suffering. In fact, divinity requires that you show how it is a source of abundance. Those who slipped you the suffering mickey are getting rich off of your suffering. They are living lives of luxury while you are eating dust. Fight against that darkness. Live in the light. Live life.

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