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The Golden Child: Raising the Messiah

There are several books of the Bible that were omitted from the Bible for several reasons. One of these books is one chronicling the childhood of Jesus Christ. It is an interesting read. In it, Jesus displays some magical powers and isn’t always “righteous.” At times, he is just a mischievous child who has to be taught what is right by his parents and how to use his powers for good. Sounds like the story of Superman, Spider-man or Batman in that the parents have a strong influence on the heroic path that the child eventually takes. In this society, Original parents are tasked with the task of raising the next generation who is to transform society. They are tasked with raising messiahs. It is a unique task where you have to prepare you child for hostility that is present in the current society yet empower them with the knowledge that through their innovation they can transform anything. You have to preserve, also within them, a sense of wonder so that they can see and utilize their imagination to usher in a world that hasn’t been seen before.

There is a new comic book entitled “Raising Dion” written by author Dennis Liu (you can check out the first issue for free at his site It focuses on a single Black mother raising a son with super powers. The story is centered around her and the challenges that she faces. After reading it, I realized how much that this reflects the trials and tribulations of a large portion of the community of Original People in the United States. You have to recognize the inherent abilities of your child. You have to nurture those abilities. You have to protect them against the world. You have to prepare them for eventual forces that will come against them seeking to  extinguish their light. You have to raise the messiah.


We have long passed the point of expecting this society to raise our children in the lane of dignity and self worth. By the unyielding slaughter and imprisoning of children of color plus the media’s demonization of them the signs have been truly clear for years, months and days. Black and Brown parents all know the importance of having “that talk” with their children about the dangers of society and society’s current view of them. Not having this talk with your child is tantamount to sending your child into a battlefield without armor. In addition to that talk we have to have the talk with our children about the greatness and tragedies of the past. We have to position them to succeed and become victorious in the world that is before them.

As a parent or adult your role extends to the community. It is not enough to just raise the messiah that shares your genetic code. You have to teach the notions of messiah-ship to the legions of Original children who often time are just asking you to be a damn adult. Being an adult involves responsibility and many of us unfortunately have utilized our older years to live out a second childhood. Your community requires more of you at this juncture. The youth and children require more of you. You are the reason that the messiah hasn’t returned and is off schedule. Get on your job. Its time for the rapture.


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