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Classmate of Student Attacked by Cop Said She “Hadn’t Done Anything Wrong”


As an unnamed Spring Valley High School teen was being thrown from her seat and dragged across the floor by a resource officer, her classmates were looking on in horror. One of those teens told WLTX that he was “scared for his life” during the incident.

According to the student, who witnessed the entire incident, his classmate “hadn’t done anything wrong” and had only taken her phone out for “a quick second.” He says the female student was begging the teacher not to send her to the administrator’s office over the incident.

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An administrator asked the student to leave the class and when the student would not comply, the resource officer was called. When the officer asked “would you move?”, the female student said, “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

The student witness also revealed that it all began after the officer said “I’m going to treat you fairly” and the student answered with, “I don’t even know who you are.”

“That was wrong” said the student who witnessed the incident,  adding that “there was no justifiable reason as to why he did that to that girl.”

“I was scared for my life”, said the student witness. “He was not protecting me at all.”