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What Happens Post-Obama?

Love him or hate him, you will have to agree that Obama and his family set a new standard for the presidential office. There will never again be such a first family (probably) in our lifetime. To have such a positive presentation of a Black Family at the highest office in the land, embeds a strong symbol for Black America and for Original People everywhere. Its often hilarious to hear Republicans rant about Family Values while every other Republican is getting caught in some type of drug or sex scandal. Meanwhile, the first family has gone through two terms of the presidency without any family scandal. When the Obamas vacate the presidency, we need to be on the look out ,though, on how the environment will look in the States post-Obama.

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There is a large segment of white America which is looking to “take back” everything that they “think” Obama gave to People of Color. It doesn’t matter who will be elected because in their minds they have to “reclaim.” I predict that this will be a strong press by many in office also to “undo” anything that they see as “progressive” that was laid in place by Obama. Honestly, you can already tell the tone of “white America” from reactions (or non reactions) to “Black Lives Matter”, Immigration, Trump and other hot button issues that are gracing the news waves. If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready.


Readiness involves seeing and understanding what the upcoming ‘weather’ is going to be like during this upcoming presidential campaign and immediately afterwords. In order to play your position, you have to determine what your position is or is to be. One thing that is apparent, is that everyone needs to invest more in practices that enrich independence. A lot of the services that we have taken for granted that supplement food, clothing, and shelter are being cut already. They are throwing challenges at Original People and it is in our best interests to rise to those challenges. The main way by which we rise to those challenges is to reinvigorate the notion of community and community building. The resources that we seek are already within. We just have to set up the proper conduits for us to access these resources which, in all honestly, they take from us on the daily while blinding us to the source of the resources. That source of the resource is the People of Color Community.

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