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Hail Mary Full of Grace, Fail Mary Dark in Race

Many of the Popes throughout history (especially those whose homelands were in Eastern Europe) have been known to have kneel or prostrate them selves before icons of the Black Madonna. Eastern Europe is known specifically to have preserved the tradition of Black Madonnas. If you have had the opportunity to visit an Eastern Orthodox Church in the Americas you may notice a picture or icon of the Black Madonna yourself. The divinity of the Black woman embodied in those symbols is a deep stream that goes back through history all the way to the explorations of Original People leaving Africa and exploring Europe, the Levant, the Middle East, India and the Far East. The divinity of the Original is so deeply planted that even after working to whitewash the Madonna when the Conquistadors came to South America they came face to face with  which their alabaster Madonna couldn’t compete with so they had to absorb the regional Earth mother Tonantzin into the Madonna and reframe her as the brown soil of the Virgin of Guadalupe. So the divinity of the Original woman as Earth, the first model for Mother and Vessel of Life is well entrenched in history.
The current tone of society though is about role reversal. If there is a segment of society who overtly and covertly acknowledge the divinity of the Original/Indigenous woman there is also a large portion of the population that works to demonize her.  In fact there is a specific word that describes this demonization which is called misogynoir. Misogynoir is misogyny directed towards Black women where both race and gender play a role in the bias. There is a specific aspect of white supremacy which is directed specifically towards Original women. It needs to be acknowledged and addressed specifically. One reason that we need to address it specifically is because one of the insidious mechanisms of white supremacy is that its strength is by having some Original people enforce it by proxy without even being conscious that they are doing it.
Black Madonna - Alta Gracia

Black Madonna – Alta Gracia

The newlines are definitely full of instances of Misogynoir. Many of the incidents may not appear to be so on the surface yet when you see the response by the public at large to them you will start to understand. In what kind of narrative is a girl being slammed by a body builder who brags about bench pressing 600lbs her fault? In what kind of narrative is a Black woman being arrested for a minor traffic violation who “mouthed off” at the officer and later found dead in her cell due to “suicide?” In what kind of narrative is a girl at a swimming party swung around like a doll for the crime of “attending a swimming party?” In what kind of narrative do eight women get raped by a police officer and it hardly makes the news? The only way that these make any “sense” to most people in this society is if it is an Original woman/girl. You almost can’t even picture these events happening to a white woman/girl in America. Yes folks, there is a war on Original women and many are complicit in it.
One of the things that we must do is lend our voice anytime we detect that this detect is going on. That means in public AND private space. The hashtag #SayHerName is an important one to follow on various social media channels to get informed about many of these instances of misogynoir that is going on across the united states. Original people are descendants of those who always acknowledged and venerated the divinity of the Original Woman. We have to purify the soil again and show its importance to the world. If we don’t do it no one will. And the reality is that it is our responsibility. Let’s get on our job.

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