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Closest to the Sun: Perihelion, the New Year and Setting the Pace

Seven days. In many religions, philosophies and ways of life seven is an important number. There are seven vices, seven virtues and seven wonders of the ancient world. There are seven days of the week, seven dwarfs and seven seas. The god of the Old Testament makes creates the world in seven days. Actually he supposedly rested on the seventh day yet the number seven is held intact within that story. We have a new year upon us. It is important to seed the new year with that same sense of creativity.
Various traditions have different dates for their new year. In the West the social and economic calendars are geared around the Gregorian Calendar. Many traditions start their new years with the advent of Spring in March. This is only a tradition of peoples that live in the northern hemisphere because in the Southern hemisphere they are going into Fall in March. Some like Judaism and the Muslims have a lunar calendar by which their holy days are centered around. Being in the West we are highly governed by the Gregorian Calendar yet within that calendar is an astronomical element that is consistent with the whole planet, Perihelion. Perihelion is the point during the year in which the whole planet is closest to the sun and it generally falls around the first few days of January. This year it is January 2nd. Such a marker is an appropriate point to measure the start of a new year.
Like the god of the Old Testament (after you have finished partying New Year’s Eve) take the first seven days of the New Year to set the pace for this upcoming year. Trust me when you have a great vision for the year seeded with actionable points your A game will be in full effect. Approach the year with the mindset of victory. You write your own prediction and prophecy. Do so knowing though that you are going to have to put in that work.
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David Darling

First thing I suggest is start to clean up all of your social media. You know those people who don’t add anything of value to your feeds? They have to go. They are clogging your vision up. You know what happens when your arteries are clogged? Heart attack. All of those people who only post mindless stuff, false news, every bit of entertainment yet never post relevant news or solutions have to bounce. You already know this because they get you upset. Yet you keep them on your feed. Stop that. Enrich your feed with reputable news outlets. Follow some heavy hitters in specific fields like law, science or world issues. It’s on you.
Map out the first quarter for the year (the first three months). What do you want to accomplish? What are some of your goals? What does it take to reach those goals? Break that list down into what needs to be done monthly, weekly and daily? You want a successful year? You have to be active and not passive. When you are passive not only are you not living your life….someone else is forcing you to work on their dream. Change that.
Make a list of your successes from last year. Make a list of your fears going into this upcoming year. Compare and contrast. Renew what worked. Realize that you don’t have to repeat what didn’t work. Generate a vision that involves action. Not things that you “want” to do rather generate things that WILL get done. Approach this year as an author writing a story. The power of creation is all within you. Let that stuff out.
My final suggestion for the new year is to read some books. I mean literally get that real book that you hold in your hands and read it. Slow down time. Digest the information. Relax while at the same time nourish your starving brain. Its a new year and you need to be balanced on all levels. Commit to good health. Pledge yourself to a sound mind. Become a servant of your community. Figure out the life you want to live. Do all within your power to bring YOUR life about. It’s a new day. It’s a new year. Take full advantage of it.

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