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The Golden Age

A time of trouble…of wars, terrorism, racism, starvation, genocide and slavery. This time is now. From the vantage point of many, it appears as the end times. Yes, for some it is. Just like all great empires have crumbled in the past, this one is expiring. For those mired in the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition it is a terminal end. For those who are well versed in the traditions of Original People we see this as a time of transformation. It is not the end. It is the time of reseting. The society of white supremacy ain’t going down without a fight though. The intent is to draw you down into the darkness of their dying breath. You have to make a choice. You have to choose right now. Are you going to surrender into the sweet suicide of sleep in the darkness or are you going to rise to the challenge of ushering in the light? Are you just going to be a passive footnote in history or are you going to be an active element determining the future?

The site Gizmodo has been doing a series of articles where they are envisioning how the future will look several decades in the future. It lays out how certain issues that we are dealing with now will look in the future depending on what we do now. The series of articles have been inspired in part by the current world climate talks that just took place in Paris.Though it is a noble experiment and insightful, I find it lacking in a key regard. It is one of the key issues with Western Civilization in general. There isn’t a critical acknowledgment of the history of Original People nor the atrocities that White Society has inflicted on the Global Majority. The natural extension of this is trying to project a future which moves forward trying to “solve” a problem that White Society never admits to having set in motion in the first place. The future that they often project also is one that is curiously often one that is devoid of anyone who exhibits topical melanin. Nah B, we ain’t having that. A more realistic (and productive) exercise has been going on with speculative fiction going on by groups inspired by the great Octavia Butler, legendary Black science fiction author. Her body of work has inspired what may be referred to as “Emergent Philosophy.” In summary it is a view of the future where the Global Majority (Original People, Indigenous People, People of Color) are taking center stage to solving the problems of the present projected into the future. It is an active exercise in envisioning the future so that one can bring such vision into the present generating social vehicles that will bring that vision about.


White society and culture in general is set on a linear calendar. This is why you have to inject such concepts as sustainability, recycling, etc into the society. Original cultures always moved with the seasons and beyond that saw the cyclical nature of longer eras. So, though we know that this is a dark era, an era of iron and bloodshed, we can see beyond it. We can see a new Golden Age. In fact, I would argue, that we must envision to pull us through the end of this era giving us the necessary tools to prevail. Those that are truly wise inaugurate that era now and usher in an Age of Miracles.

The key is to not resolve ourselves to the shadows of this world, yet to pledge ourselves to the Emergent World. This is the world that you want your child to inherit. This is the golden stamp that you want to leave as your legacy. This means that you have to be active in the transformation of what is now into something better. You must bring a little bit of that light you see in the future right into this present place. Anything is possible. You have to make it probable. You must not settle for the lie that they constantly tell you through all forms of media that this is how life is and  that it will always be this way. Be the herald of a new Golden Age.

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