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Scared to Die Yet Afraid to Live

There is a peculiar plot of land that seduces. It is an area of no backward movement married to no forward movement. Shallow land. A great portion of the population finds this place setting up a broken down home. The land of the neutron. They take on neutrality as a way of life unaware that it is actually an undead state similar to zombies, vampire or ghouls. It has no partnership with life. This is the life with no purpose.
Imagine while you were being born that you stayed right at the threshold of your mother’s uterus. You knew you couldn’t go back yet you were unwilling to push out into the greater world. This is the spot that many stand at nowadays. The brain is an incredible tool. It can create a whole script and movie on the failures that will happen to you if you attempt to do something out of the ordinary. If you for a moment attempt to mentally grasp onto your vision. That movie will be 100% real in your brain. Each time that you try to inch towards that vision you will feel emotional reactions and baggage for something that hasn’t even come to pass. Scared to die yet afraid to live.
One of the keys to life is to live a life with purpose. Finding your place and purpose in this world is one of the most essential quests that anyone can make. It will determine your direction. It will define your life. It will infuse your life with life because it is the life that you are supposed to be living. One of the signs that you are living that life is that you leave life wherever you go. The gravity of your purpose draws people to you. You leave an impression to all who encounter you.
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A good brother returned to the essence the beginning of this year by the name of Zin. He is the founder of this station, All Real Radio, on which I am able to run this column, God in the Ghetto. He was 42, yet if you have been following any of the events listed on All Real Radio in honor of his life you know that he lived his life within his purpose. When you come across people like this you realize that they have the key to immortality. They have figured out what legacy building entails and just do that stuff effortlessly as though it was breathing. Their sheer presence is so strong that it lingers after their physical form is reconstituted to the earth.
Don’t be scared to die yet afraid to live. The one thing that we all have in common on this planet is that we are all going to return to the earth via ashes to ashes and dust to dust. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is the full all out production. You’ll know when you’re living that purpose because things will just click. Things won’t necessarily become easier. In fact you may face new obstacles yet they will be NEW obstacles. You aren’t supposed to be going through life faced with the same problems. You are supposed to be solving problems and leveling up to new ones. Purpose is your soul. It is your core. It is the driving force and grounding spot. Purpose isn’t always something to be “found” it is also to be developed. Some of us didn’t have a purpose that we could define until a defining moment entered into our lives. The key though is that purpose is not to be reached by just sitting on your ass and not engaging the world. Engage the world and become an agency in the world.

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