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State of the Unity: The year of 2016 for the Global Majority

The Grand Expansion (aka the Big Bang) started from one point where time and space was collapsed and progressed into the multiplicity that we see now. It was the beginning of a new cycle within a greater cycle of no beginnings and no endings. In various traditions, it is referred to as Ein Sof, Tawhid, the primordial egg or the singularity. It is a reference to the Divine unity. One who is in tune with that concept seeks to draw out the Divine unity underlying this world of diversity. It is not about making everything the same. It is about recognizing and amplifying the elements that resonate throughout reality.
Countries have regular “State of the Union” addresses to reflect on what they have accomplished and the direction that they are going. This is the State of the Unity address of Original People.
I have consistently in my writings in this God in the Ghetto column referred to the traditions of Original/Indigenous people that center around long term planning (over length of thousands of years) and also their evaluation of their environment to such a high degree that they could make long term projections/predictions. Also in my writings, I have referenced how Original People in this present era must be active in ushering in the next age and make sure that it is a Golden Age, an age of Miracles, in this Emergent World. With that being said, I’m going to tell you right now whats on deck for the upcoming year. Mark my words. Always bet on the (Original Asiatic) Black (Man). I’m about to lay it out in several posts. This stuff ain’t no fortune tell hotline stuff I”m about to drop. This is the future that can already be seen unfolding in the present. You just need to get in tune. I’m talking locally, nationally, and globally.
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John Jennings

-The healing of the people will continue as people continue to realize that self care is revolutionary especially in the specter of white supremacy. Original people are going to continue to love the heaven out of each other to a degree that has never been seen before.
-The level of awareness and direct action will continue to rise from those who many of you have written off as “ratchet” or “not conscious.” The voice of those who claim they are “conscious” will still rattle yet make little waves and not be accompanied by direct action.
-The youth will continue to engage the powers that be. This is happening with those on the streets and those in college and will continue. They don’t need permission from your old side line armchair revolutionary critiquing not doing anything @ss. You can make a choice to assist with your skill set or watch the world move on right before your eyes.
-The hacking of the media by Original People will continue. Not only will the proper/new narrative continue to rise it will increase to the point where it will dismantle all false narrative. This will continue to happen across all platforms, blogs and apps.
-Unity between groups that were historically pitted against each other (Black and Brown, “gangs”, “classes”, etc) will continue to increase at an all time high with more solid means of deflecting agents and such that seek to dissolve such unity.
-We will continue to make inroads into the transformation of society by bringing original/indigenous solutions to the forefront.
-The trend of posting the excellence of Original People in terms of success stories vs every “hood fight video” will continue to increase.
-You will see an upswing of side hustles by Original People maturing into full blown businesses.
-Utilizing social media to connect/network and do that that work will reach unheard of levels.
-You will see more Gods in the Ghetto, Earths on the Expressway, Messiahs on the Metro, Buddhas on the Block.
-More brother’s and sister’s keeper will be in effect.
-Reputation and Accountability will be the highest form of currency.
Thus it is written. Thus it shall come to pass.

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