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There are dark times ahead. As I have written we are about to enter a Post-Obama period of time. Regardless of who wins (democrat or republican) there is a large segment of white society that feels that Obama gave Original people some things that took away from white people. The reality is that Obama really didn’t give Original People much of anything. White racist society is crumbling on its own because it was never sustainable. Yet, like practically every point in history, they need someone to blame. Original people are the scapegoat. So like I started off saying, we’re about to enter some dark times. Within those dark times are the kernels for the emergence of light. If we continue to encase within ourselves the seeds of a Golden Age and bear the weight of this transition, greatness will continue to grow from Original People. We’re already on that road.
The secret key is to keep nurturing how we want the emerging world to look. What does a decolonized world, where whiteness doesn’t play center stage, look like? One element that is necessary is the unification of Original people across ethnic lines. This has been happening greatly. A byproduct of colonization is that Original people usually get their information about another group of Original people through the white filter. We often never directly speak to each other. This is a clear war tactic in order to keep people separated who may realize their common foe, the colonizer.
If you look at art of Original People, especially music and dance, there is definitely a thread of transforming suffering into celebration. Not from the direction of celebrating suffering yet showing that no matter what the suffering that happiness and joy will be the tools that allows one to make it to the other side. It is important that in all of the work and warfare that needs to be done that we enjoy life right where we are at. I’m going to let you in on a secret…that gets the enemy SO mad. And honestly anything that messes up any part of his life I’m all for it. Even if we don’t live in a perfect world we must model that world to plant in the subconscious of our children and the youth who are part of the crew that will bring it about. Also, like many of the prisoners of war who were incarcerated (or are still incarcerated) in prison in the states from the 60s and 70s who many times are placed in solitary confinement…it is about preserving that small inch of oneself that no one can get to.
Sanskrit, one of the ancient tongues of India, has a term, Lila. Lila is a word that means divine play, the play of creation, destruction and recreation. It touches on the pulse of life and the universe. It is deep freedom and the delight that comes from it. It means also love. Being immersed in Lila is seeing everything with that child’s eye for the first time, being in the moment, disarming anger, simplifying the complex landscape of life.  It is literally realizing that anything is possible and taking the initiative to make those things that one desires probable. In the midst of the struggle that we are in we are bringing Lila back to the landscape because it is that one tool that the enemy because it is of divine origin. The enemy is mired in the wickedness of baseness of devilish things and is perishing.
Original People has art that is always functional, no matter where on the planet you go. It is not some thing to be hung up and stared at in museums. That finely wrought cane will be used for walking, the paintings on the walls work to diffuse and moderate emotional highs and low, that beautifully made vase holds water and reminds you of the sacredness of the purpose of water. Even in suffering Original People are art. Even in play Original People are art. Art and beauty are the hallmarks of the Golden Age, the Emergent World, the Age of Miracles. Get your Lila on.

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