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I’ve been to the Mountaintop…

Last month I was blessed to be able to attend the Outdoor Afro Leadership training for 2016 at Yosemite National Park. To say that the experience was transcendent would be an understatement. It fundamentally hit me at my core. The land was initially occupied by the indigenous nation of the Ahwahneechee. Their name actually means the people of the Ahwahnee which is the original name of Yosemite. Ahwahnee means big mouth. The Ahwahneechee believe that they have always been here and this is where life emanated from. This resonates with the traditions of various Original People worldwide.

Wherever Original people travel to they carry with them their long memory. Such memory is preserved in their DNA and oral traditions. It is also preserved through the sciences they carry with them recording huge epochs of time. They are able to read the record of time through noting the progression of the stars, flora, fauna and geology. When Original People have a tradition that the physical space that they reside in is where life began they are on a deep level reflecting on the fact that they are Original People. When they traveled into a new area they were the first observers. The first families that rest within a particular spot started when they first migrated there. For all intents and purposes that is where life began.




Life begins with you. It starts right where you are at. People want to journey to Eden or Paradise or wait until after death for its full materialization. The key is that you are the key to transform your environment. By realizing that you are an Original Person you can link into the traditions of Original/Indigenous people worldwide. Where you are is the space of the first time. You start right there. You move away the darkness. You clear the space for the abundance of life that you want to come forth. You prepare the garden. You recognize that your greatest resource is you and resources that are immediately in your environment. You can’t operate from a perspective of need. You are all that you need. Anything else that you gain in terms of resources is just an add on.

Realizing that where you are is where life begins allows you to set the tone. If your past life isn’t something that you want to carry over into the future don’t. On many levels it is that simple. Yes, there is work to be done yet the solution at its base is simple. Design the future that you want to live. Where do you see yourself next month? In the next five years? In the next ten years? Pull all of those thoughts into what you are doing now. This is how you become who you have always been. Let now be the time of your great beginning. Begin now.

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