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When God Cries

Someone once asked me about me pushing positive and progressive thought. They asked me do I ever experience hurt and pain? At first I thought it was a ridiculous question, yet I realized that they only connect with me through social media channels or my books where I am focusing on such an agenda. Well, yes, God does experience pain, hurt, sorrow, and longing. God cries.

For me, pain is intimate. It is often sharing yourself at your most vulnerable. You will truly know me by traveling with me as I experience dark moments. It is the dark night of the sol. It is not to be shared with all. Yet even within my pain I dwell within the Golden Age. That means that pain and suffering is of epic proportions. It is trans-formative. It transforms the Self. It transforms the community. It transforms the world.


Alchemy Resonance by Archan Nairs


Heavy falls into pits where my skin is embedded with deep crystal shards. Deep pain that causes fauna and flora to wail in indigo moans. Tears that birth oceans. Heart shattering into a billion scintillating shards of muted oil rainbows. Each day heavy with footsteps impacting the Earth. Everything is real.

The Golden Age.  This is when the divine makes marks. This is when, again, everything is epic and legendary. Do nothing small. No, I don’t share my pain often, yet, when I do, it is often through my scripture of poetry, as that is the only manner by which I can express it to the world. Use that pain and long suffering as alchemy. Love strong. Do needs of renown.

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