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Whispering: The Wicked Jinn

In the religious and mythological worldview of Islam there are entities referred to as the jinn. They are the genies of popular folklore and pop culture. There are several interpretations as to what they are. Some texts refer to them as flesh and bone, some refer to them as ethereal beings. Some teachings refer to them as the youngest group of people on the planet. In many stories, they are illustrated as “whispering suggestive, wicked thoughts” in the ears of people. Similar to all of that cartoon imagery with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. In this case though, there is only the devil.
If the mental is the temple, then things that are not prepared for the temple do not need to be so freely allowed in the mental. The passive digestion of social media is one thing that poisons the thinking of the people. It is sad to see people automatically agreeing with an article that they did not read (when often the title was only a hook and many times the article actually supports the opposite point than the title suggests). I see many generate an extensive illusion of their Self online while forgetting that we know you in real life. It is one thing to paint a picture of your journey or where you want to go. It is another thing to generate a virtual avatar of yourself that shares no qualities with reality. It is more of an escape, instead of a guide down a road of transformation.

What is interesting is that often many people end up relying on the jinn. If you cannot access the quality of your online persona and information, you may find that your supporters are supporting things that are negative. Things that are not about growth and development. Things that feed ego, increasing stagnation. Those are certain types of jinn and they are not your friend.
The social media landscape is one of the greatest telepathic devices out there. It is not simply what you post that tells on you. Every like, comment, and view paints a picture of you. There are those who are waiting to tap into you when you are at certain points of your life. They are reading that information. They then plug in, and you think you have allies or are doing things autonomously, yet in reality, you are caught in the flow of someone or something else.

In the mytho-history of the jinn, they were to be subservient to the Original Man. This means that you have to develop your ability to discern truth from falsehood. You have to be aware of the company you keep. You have to moderate that online digestion. You have to take control of your life. Online fasting is good. Literally looking at each of your followers/friends online and seeing what quality they are adding to your life is good. Do not rely on the jinn.

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