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So, Last Night was Dope… Samo Dinero’s Anniversary Charity Mixer

A near 30 degree temperature drop and ridiculous Northern wind couldn’t stop the greatness that was Samo Dinero’s Anniversary Charity Mixer at notsuoH in downtown Houston last night. The lineup for the evening consisted of Flyger Woods, OG Chess, Peyton, John Rambo & UCEF, Tim Woods and Wolfe de Mƈhls. It was not originally in the plans to do any sort of write-up regarding the show but, after seeing the amazing show of support and immense amount of talent that was so purely Houston, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t express my support in words.

I arrived at the intimate, quirky venue to see a packed house, which excited me. OG Chess was on when I walked in and the crowd was locked in the entire time. Peyton took the stage not long after and put on a hell of a performance that was ethereal and powerful all at the same time with Bobby Earth backing her on the tables. Flyger Woods took the energy to an even bigger place with a stage presence that other artists could only wish to possess and Tim Woods made the venue his own with yet another stellar performance, featuring tracks off his recently released project Pushing Daisies. The crowd applauded, danced, rapped, raged and enjoyed themselves in every way possible, the entire time.

While I did want to be sure and support all the really dope artists on the lineup, Wolfe de Mƈhls recently joined me on The Tuesday Special, my radio show here on All Real and released an amazing album Naked; plus in all honesty I was curious to hear the music he creates in a live setting. Well, wow. That whole R&B hybrid description is absolutely accurate. It was like trap love music with live drums and amazing vocals and now I have to rethink my whole life. I digress. Somehow the Hennessy caught up with me and I had to use the facilities when de Mƈhls first got on the mic but I could hear him explaining that he hadn’t performed in over 3 years. The crowd seemed anxious and excited, once the music started there was not so much as a whisper from anyone in the venue. His set, backed by Jonquel who is a GREAT singer and performer, consisted of tracks from Naked including two versions my personal favorite “Virgin” (because look at God) “Fall In Love, My Forever” and “Sunset Park” as well as previously the released “Lord Have Mercy” and the very recently released “fuckmeloveyou.wav” (which is spectacular, live). Maybe it’s because I have become such a fan of the sound de Mƈhls creates but I was in awe of how great it all sounded and even more so how it all felt. The entire set was like the most intimate jam session, partially thanks to Jonquel and the live drummer.

You may be wondering where all the pictures and videos are but if we are being real, I was way too involved in enjoying myself to even think about any of that. I got you next time, though… There are dope pictures on Instagram, including this one.

Throughout the night, the crowd never wavered and each artist that came to the stage was greeted with the same support and excitement; it was so great that I felt as if I was on stage and I was probably in a corner most of the night (I like corners). All in all, what Samo Dinero and all the artists involved put on last night felt amazing. The venue was filled with love and genuine support the entire time. It is easy to get caught up in all the woes of the music and creative cultures in Houston but last night was another reminder of how dope my city really is. I have linked each artist’s social media within this piece, go check out their art. Go listen to their music, buy an album and go to a show; I put my word on the fact that you will not be disappointed. Also, check out and follow him on social media. Let’s support the arts, we need more of these types of events in our city.