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#TheMitote – How Things Grow


Note: I wrote this piece between 6/19 – 6/21
I want to begin by asking permission to the ancestors and asking for the guidance of my antipasados. /Water just gushed from my eyes as I read that Baba Shango of the great Sehah Youth and Fitness Center has made his transition. Sad for us who will have to get used to him not walking in the plain of existence, but glorious for him in it’s completion. He did amazing works and the community will tell his story. Believe.
/ Tlazokamati

It has been a while since i’ve written
I’m here to speak

So listen.

dee!collection is here
and can be purchased here!

This first poetry book is a compilation of poems written in 12 years time! I needed to put all of these poems somewhere in some kind of comprehensive order… and it’s here. It took me a very long time to see this project through, but I kept hearing these voices, like the real voices of my friends, telling me to get it together and release it. 2016 was all about releasing. But, I finally ran it through the ‘self publish’ software and birthed it. It’s not perfect, although I haven’t found a typo (APDTA). Yet,
compiled, it’s a recollection of spiritual exploration and real life moments. All these things that make up who I was, am, and who I will become. I pray you enjoy it if you go so far as to purchase it! I will be having some in my trunk as well.

S/O to the Community Artists Collective and the Mas Que Tres Collective who hosted me on June 8th, 2017 for a poetry reading and signing of the book. You made it so easy for me to concentrate…