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The Echo Chamber vs the Network Chamber

Social media, the blessing and the curse. Some are caught in the curse without being able to even see that they are trapped in the mire. Social media can be molded. You get to decide who/what you follow, what shows up the most on your timelines and you get to curate your feed. The  catch is that most people don’t actively curate their feeds. What generally happens is that even if they start with a certain tone, treating their feed as passive allows for the weeds to take over. By treating the feed as passive people literally plug into streams of dysfunction, trauma, things that induce sloth and laziness. They get caught up in the squirrel shiny nut syndrome. No longer do people read books or even an article (I commend you if you are checking for me and hanging with me to the end of any article that I write). Every problem that faces them they feel that the solution can be encapsulated in the next meme or tweet. It’s like a quick sugar rush and people don’t realize why they keep crashing again and again. So what people effectively make is a feel good echo (echo) chamber (chamber).

The echo chamber doesn’t challenge you. The echo chamber many times just emphasizes your own personal deficiencies. It is the crowd cheering you on with “you go boy” or “you go girl” even when you are clearly doing wack stuff. It is a whole room of “yes men and yes women” who aren’t invested in pushing you out of your comfort zone to become the greatest version of yourself that you can be. It is full of virtual life coaches, spiritual advisers and youtube scholars.

Echo is the name of a nymph (woman type fairy) in Greek mythology. She was cursed by the Gods to only be able to repeat the words of other people. She had no true voice. She fell in love with a man named Narcissus (yes from which we get the word Narcissist) who only loved himself. He fell in love with his own image in a lake and withered away looking at it. Echo being in love with him also eventually wasted away with only her voice remaining. In the online echo chamber you will die in your own iniquity. You will be stuck. You will think that you are just doing harmless downtime things while in reality you are slowly mentally withering away. That is why it is important to transform the echo chamber into the network chamber.

The network chamber is when you decide what your goal(s), mission and direction is before you full commit to the “life” of daily social media indulgence. It is when each time that you press “add” to a page on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account that you do so consciously considering how this is going to benefit your own growth and development.  What connections are you making? I am not talking about nice little conversations in inboxes and direct messages. I am talking about the type of connections that turns thoughts into things. I am talking about connections that can work like bricks and build Buildings. Yes many times social media can be for “play play” yet most times people are just playing their selves. Be intentional in your movements. Get grounded. Transform the tricknowledgy of technology into teknowledge. Get it while the getting is good until you can say that your interactions are all good. Level up from the echo chamber into the network chamber.


“This world around is is preoccupied with celebrity wedding and videos of cats. But complicated issues..issues that matter…they take too much focus. They take too much time away from texting and the thousand channels on the satellite dish. “-The Kingpin from the Netflix series Daredevil

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