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Those 24 Hours in a Day…

There are 1001 books out there on success in terms of how to reach the goal or goals that one has laid out. The industry of self help books and life coaches ain’t going nowhere soon because on the surface people want to edit their lives. Deep down inside they have a glimpse of their potential, they aren’t satisfied with how things are going around them and the truly believe that there is a better way. The counter-narrative coming from the other side is strong though. It is of great benefit to those in various upper tiers of society for that counter-narrative to stay firmly rooted. See the open secret is that the power of the “elite” isn’t strictly through raw force. It is mainly through convincing the majority o the populace that they have no power to change their current condition.

Yes ya’ll, there are a bunch of factors that have to be dealt with in order or full success to blossom. It is not an overnight “wish” that can be completed by wishing on a genie in a bottle. Though yeah, sometimes some people will get hit with the luck and are able to make change at a more swifter rate than the majority of people. Yet what you will find is that that slow cook method is usually better. How many people have you read about that have won the lotto and blew millions only to be broke within a year or just a little bit over a year’s time? It is because one o the secrets to success is not a swift “moment.” It is about recognizing deep seeded patterns that consistently deter us into other paths other than success.

The key is routine. It is our daily routine that we have to face and conquer. It is not the big picture. It is the small details that we never attend to that are getting in our own way. That means getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour earlier. That means committing to reading a book a 1/2 hour on the daily. It means cutting down your social media intake. It means adding more fruits and veggies to your plate. It looks like you pushing an extra 15 minutes on that workout. It means saying no more often to the things you know aren’t good for you and taking a chance saying yes to those things that you suspect might benefit you. When you hack your daily routine it is like the small rock that David used to take down Goliath. Those small moves can have a major ripple effect for you to reach those goals.

And nah B, it ain’t easy. Your routine is your routine because doing it over and over again has imprinted a deep pattern into your whole being. The first step though is to realize that yeah, you do have a pattern. Sometimes that pattern ain’t the best thing for you. The second thing to realize is that the pattern didn’t just appear out of nowhere. It was cultivated. It was established over a period of time. When you are consciously aware of wack cycles you can step in and short circuit them. It’s all on you. Like I said, sometimes it ain’t easy yet the results are undeniable. Spend a few moments today to see where you can tighten up your ship so that you can arrive at that destination that you so desperately crave to reach.  

ALife Bio Pic _ Updated Final C’BS ALife Allah is the co-author of the ground breaking Science of Self: Man, God and the  Mathematical Language of Nature and the co-editor of the seminal Hood Health Handbook: A  Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community. He also is a contributing writer to the  Hood Health 101 column at the Source blog. He is a community solutionary who concentrates on Hood Health, Science of Self, the Black Presence and youth empowerment. You can find  more about his work with HoodHealth at

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