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Sometimes people are not posting a “false identify” online. They are just posting the portion of their lives that they are working to amplify.Yes, we know that there are those who aren’t “living their best life” and are caught in a vicious cycle of believing their own lies. They rarely live up to their own expectations. They are foreigners to accountability. For them the online arena becomes a space for them to spin an elaborate fictional tale while at the same time avoiding any work in the non-virtual world that would actually bring that “life” into existence. Yet the counterpoint to that narrative are those who people feel are “lying” because they “curate” their postings with only positive things.
These people have discovered a great secret. Everything isn’t for everybody. Also the story that you tend to tell over and over with the right focus can become THE story. This is different from just “making stuff up.” It is about increasing the energy that one is devoting to the things that are going right in your life vs drowning in the things that are going wrong. It is real easy for us to obsess over the negative and in the process become blind to the positive. 

When you are writing stuff online, take it serious. Become the author of your life, your narrative, and your direction. Notice how many times you look at your own profile during the day. Notice how wide your reach is on your platforms. What message are you communicating? What message about yourself is coming back to you via your followers? A big ole fancy word for your social media habits is that you’re creating a bio feedback system. You can align that system with your real life taking measurements like a thermometer. With practice, you can elevate it to the point where it is a thermostat. With the thermostat, you can adjust those measurements in the direction that you want them to flow and go. Your life.

Take control of every aspect. Even those aspects that seem oh-so minor.

C’BS ALife Allah is the co-author of the ground breaking Science of Self: Man, God and the  Mathematical Language of Nature and the co-editor of the seminal Hood Health Handbook: A  Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community. He also is a contributing writer to the  Hood Health 101 column at the Source blog. He is a community solutionary who concentrates on Hood Health, Science of Self, the Black Presence and youth empowerment. You can find  more about his work with HoodHealth at

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