C-Dub’s Chill-Out Lounge

cdub 2_n_Fotor

Every Friday
2pm – 4pm (cst) 

An eclectic mix of lounge music with hip hop, jazz, and neo-soul infusions. The two hour journey keeps the listener in upbeat, bass-filled grooves that enlightens of new sounds and music. This show satisfies the Jazz enthusiasts with cuts that are full of instrumentation and riffs. Then the hip hop heads are delighted when most every cut they hear with probably make a banging sample. The whole hour is sprinkled with positive neo-vibes that keep the listener upbeat and uplifted. Since the music is lounge, is it safe for the workplace without offending listeners, but uptempo enough to make them want more.

DJ: Chris “Cdub” Watson

Genre: Lounge, Downtempo Chill-out, Dub, Lounge, Electronica, Trip hop

Artists Like: Thievery Corporation, DJ Sun, Moby, Morcheeba, Maxwell, Gramatik, Groove Armada, etc.

About the DJ:

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Chris Watson is a connoisseur of all things music, but lounge is most likely his favorite. “The music selection is so deep, because lounge is really a genre of independent artists, so there is ALOT of music that been out for a while but never heard by the masses. I like introducing listeners to music they’ve never heard. I CURATE music, not just NARRATE popular stuff.”