The Mitote


Every Thursday @ 12 noon (cst) 

That which we call ‘reality’ is a dream of consensus a dream that we share. The Toltecs called it mitote. To understand that is the first condition to be able to change it.

~ Mark Torra

The Mitote: A moment of clarity among chaos. A moment of consensus among many ideas.

Join dee!colonize every Thursday at 12pm (cst) for THE MITOTE, where she will delve into history, social issues, universal thought, social relationships, language, and discuss solutions and truths to bind us all through a Xican@ perspective.

Music/ Poetry / Artistry / Activism / Creators / Knowledge Seekers

~premiered  JUNE 23RD, 2016~

About the host:

deniz ‘dee!colonize’ lopez is a Xicana artist & activist who has held position or collaborated with such organizations as MECHA, The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, The Word Around Town Poetry Tour, Creative Women Unite, and Voices Breaking Boundaries to bring a message of revolution, self-sustainability, & community consciousness to the forefront. The themes of her artistry include the abolition of the death penalty, an end to police brutality, empowerment of women, immigration rights, black/brown unity, and self mastery.

Deniz has begun to use her extensive knowledge of community organization, administration, communication, and mentoring to become a creative consultant to many organizations and artists to help them refine their arts.

At present, she is a founding member & Director of Operations for All Real Radio LLC, where the mission is to make the world better by creating a portal to great music and relevant social commentary, and by facilitating a space for community events & awareness.

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