Vibr8tionz: A Music Production & DJ Show

Wednesdays 9pm – 11pm (cst)

Vibr8tionz will showcase the world of music production and DJing through candid artist interviews, beat making and djing demonstrations, product reviews, and discussions about current events taking place in the world of electronic music.

If you are a producer, dj, or lover of good music, Vibr8tionz was created for you. So tune and catch these vibez!

About the host

Rokmore is an educator, music producer, entrepreneur, and consultant from Illinois. He is the founder of TheGr8Thinkaz Media Collective, a group of producers, artist, designers, videographers, andcreatives. He is also the co-founder of Kinetic Vibez. Kinetic Vibez is an artistic wellness movement that utilizes the yoga, hip-hop music production, and other creative mediums to empower youth. Rokmore has been producing since the age of 12. Honing his skills on the MPC 2000XL, he eventually developed a sound and following that is continuously expanding.His work has been featured in notable publications including the Huffington Post, The Chicago Reader, and Rokmore isn’t just a music producer. He has worn a myriad of hats in the Hip-Hop world such as engineer, concert promoter, curator, and writer. Rokmore’s new endeavor is Vibr8tionz an online radio show featured on All Real Radio.

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