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5 sugar substitutes

There are really some great natural substitutes for sugar. Here are a top 5 list:

–       blackstrap molasses (high in iron)

–       local raw honey (great inoculation properties and anti-viral)

–       maple syrup (grade B- has a higher mineral content)

–       dates (very sweet, don’t eat too many :o)

–       Yacón Syrup (south American plant that a natural caramel sweet flavor)

Healthy Living Tips

Always keep your morning meals simple, and mostly liquid base. Anything from a juice or smoothie, or just fruit is best. Drink adequate water throughout the day, and avoid drinking during meals. Space your meals apart at least 4 hours up to 6 hours, depending on how big the meal was. Consume at least half a plate of dark green leafy vegetables whether raw or lightly steamed. Keep your protein intake moderate, unless you have a very physically active lifestyle. Protein intake is not a real problem for the average American, in fact, it’s the exact opposite that is the problem, excess protein.

Blend vs Juice àSmoothie Recipe

Hot Jumpin Mornin’

–       1 frozen banana

–       1/3 cup of frozen pineapple

–       ½ cup of fresh kale

–       1 -2 dates or 2 tblsp of raw local honey

–       1 cup of water or non-milk like almond, hemp, or hazelnut

–       ½ tblsp of moringa

–       ½ tblsp of chopped jalapeno

–       dash of vanilla extract

Blend well until smooth. Enjoy!


Chef Sabali is the owner of Original Healing Earth, LLC. & Vegan Comfort, an educational outreach company that concentrates on healthy lifestyles and a plant-based catering company. Focusing on the importance of plant-based nutrition and active lives, Chef Sabali teaches classes and workshops on vegan and raw living foods meal preparation, sustainable gardening practices, natural living, holistic healing through nature, and alternative medicines and therapies. In addition to demonstrations, Chef Sabali gives lectures and presentations on various health topics including reversing common medical conditions, cancer prevention, basic nutrition, and GMO awareness.

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