Originally from A PERFECT MAN: Michael Archie Graphic Designer/ Illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia, who has been doing freelance artwork under his Art company Perfect Man Designs that he started in 2007. This year he self-published his 1st comic book called “WorkForce”. It captures the daily grind of working a job[…]

The Black Dad That You Don’t Think Exists

This post originally appeared on Absurdist. The black dad that you don’t think exists falls asleep with his son on his chest after rocking him for what felt like forever. His wife transfers the baby from his arms to the crib and coaxes him to bed where he only sleeps[…]

What Happens Post-Obama?

Love him or hate him, you will have to agree that Obama and his family set a new standard for the presidential office. There will never again be such a first family (probably) in our lifetime. To have such a positive presentation of a Black Family at the highest office[…]

Challenge Day 1: Fire Up Your Core In 5 Minutes

As a personal trainer, the most common exercise question I get asked is, “What can I do to strengthen my core?” This is a great question because the term “core” is often used interchangeably with “abs” even though the two are quite different. Your core includes your abs, your glutes[…]

How To Use Bike Gears Properly

Bikes have anywhere from one front chainring to three chainrings these days, accompanied by seven to eleven gears in the back. The different combinations of these gears will determine how easy or difficult it is to pedal and will dictate your speed. If you are looking to make small adjustments[…]

The Golden Child: Raising the Messiah

There are several books of the Bible that were omitted from the Bible for several reasons. One of these books is one chronicling the childhood of Jesus Christ. It is an interesting read. In it, Jesus displays some magical powers and isn’t always “righteous.” At times, he is just a[…]