Those 24 Hours in a Day…

There are 1001 books out there on success in terms of how to reach the goal or goals that one has laid out. The industry of self help books and life coaches ain’t going nowhere soon because on the surface people want to edit their lives. Deep down inside they[…]

#TheMitote – How Things Grow

Source: deecolonize.com Note: I wrote this piece between 6/19 – 6/21 I want to begin by asking permission to the ancestors and asking for the guidance of my antipasados. /Water just gushed from my eyes as I read that Baba Shango of the great Sehah Youth and Fitness Center has[…]

Two Year Anniversary ~ Interactive Community Page

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Whispering: The Wicked Jinn

In the religious and mythological worldview of Islam there are entities referred to as the jinn. They are the genies of popular folklore and pop culture. There are several interpretations as to what they are. Some texts refer to them as flesh and bone, some refer to them as ethereal[…]

When God Cries

Someone once asked me about me pushing positive and progressive thought. They asked me do I ever experience hurt and pain? At first I thought it was a ridiculous question, yet I realized that they only connect with me through social media channels or my books where I am focusing[…]

I’ve been to the Mountaintop…

Last month I was blessed to be able to attend the Outdoor Afro Leadership training for 2016 at Yosemite National Park. To say that the experience was transcendent would be an understatement. It fundamentally hit me at my core. The land was initially occupied by the indigenous nation of the[…]

Personify Paradise

There are dark times ahead. As I have written we are about to enter a Post-Obama period of time. Regardless of who wins (democrat or republican) there is a large segment of white society that feels that Obama gave Original people some things that took away from white people. The[…]

Scared to Die Yet Afraid to Live

There is a peculiar plot of land that seduces. It is an area of no backward movement married to no forward movement. Shallow land. A great portion of the population finds this place setting up a broken down home. The land of the neutron. They take on neutrality as a way[…]