Buddha on the Block: Enlightenment is in the Inner City

_______________________________________________ The term “enlightened” has been packaged and repackaged so many times. The way that the average person relates to the word is as a state that few, if any, can obtain. Opportunist have seized the term presenting it to the public as a New Age religion. So you have rich slave[…]

America Eats Its Young: They’re coming for your babies

_______________________________________________ “..kill the Black baby at birth by sticking a pin in its head or feed it to some wild beast..” “America Eats its Young” is the title of the funk group, Funkadelic’s, fourth album. America, being a stronghold of white aggression and capitalism, manufactures the ultimate consumers. In order[…]

1 Year & More to Grow with All Real Radio

Our Director of Operations gives her insights on a year of All Real Radio… [from dee!colonize.com] June 8th, 2015 marks 1 year since the launch of AllRealRadio.com – an online radio station focused on providing music & news content for a socially-responsible listener- because, lets be real, what is out[…]

God in the Flesh, So you know I’m Fresh

 _______________________________________________ “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until i prayed with my legs” -Fredrick Douglas   The motto of All Real Radio is “We Make the World Better.” That involves having a real investment in the world and an understanding that one has the ability to transform[…]