God in the Ghetto

The Golden Age

A time of trouble…of wars, terrorism, racism, starvation, genocide and slavery. This time is now. From the vantage point of many, it appears as the end times. Yes, for some it is. Just like all great empires have crumbled in the past, this one is expiring. For those mired in[…]

Bloodsuckers of the Pure

Bloodsuckers of the Pure SYLLABICATION: al·tru·ism NOUN: 1. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness. 2. Zoology Instinctive cooperative behavior that is detrimental to the individual but contributes to the survival of the species. ETYMOLOGY: French altruisme, probably from Italian altrui, someone else, from Latin alter, other. So altruism[…]

Hail Mary Full of Grace, Fail Mary Dark in Race

Many of the Popes throughout history (especially those whose homelands were in Eastern Europe) have been known to have kneel or prostrate them selves before icons of the Black Madonna. Eastern Europe is known specifically to have preserved the tradition of Black Madonnas. If you have had the opportunity to[…]

What Happens Post-Obama?

Love him or hate him, you will have to agree that Obama and his family set a new standard for the presidential office. There will never again be such a first family (probably) in our lifetime. To have such a positive presentation of a Black Family at the highest office[…]

The Golden Child: Raising the Messiah

There are several books of the Bible that were omitted from the Bible for several reasons. One of these books is one chronicling the childhood of Jesus Christ. It is an interesting read. In it, Jesus displays some magical powers and isn’t always “righteous.” At times, he is just a[…]