Buddha on the Block: Enlightenment is in the Inner City

_______________________________________________ The term “enlightened” has been packaged and repackaged so many times. The way that the average person relates to the word is as a state that few, if any, can obtain. Opportunist have seized the term presenting it to the public as a New Age religion. So you have rich slave[…]

America Eats Its Young: They’re coming for your babies

_______________________________________________ “..kill the Black baby at birth by sticking a pin in its head or feed it to some wild beast..” “America Eats its Young” is the title of the funk group, Funkadelic’s, fourth album. America, being a stronghold of white aggression and capitalism, manufactures the ultimate consumers. In order[…]

Rest In Power: Shaka Sankofa

by dee!colonize Today we pay tribute to Shaka Sankofa (aka Gary Graham) who was executed by the state of Texas 14 years ago today for the murder of Bobby Grant- Lambert in 1981; an act he denied to his last breaths. Read his last words below from I would like[…]