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Felix Ayodele aka Fast4ward was Born in Evanston, Illinois. Moving to Houston,Tx in the early 90’s the young Illinois native began to displayed an interest in art and music, by senior year in high school after seeing the DMC U.S. Finals of ’98 on vhs he began putting together “Battle routines” he developed an adventurous turntable prowess at a fast rate.With handed down records from his parents (who both Immigrated to the U.S. from Nigerian) he was bestowed with a wealth of music and rhythm education, these records would be injected interestingly into his creation process. Fast4ward accumulated regional & national recognition in various Battle Dj Competitions.He began to make good friends with the art of performance and being under pressure on stage. As an Innately introverted personality he would be roused into becoming more and more comfortable with performance as a tool for self discovery and giving.

A chance sequence of events would transpire one notable event is a friend leaving a keyboard in his room, and as with many DJs the evolution to producer would soon come to fruition.This exploded into falling head over heels in love for re-interpretation playing and sampling. The curiosity on how to create stronger turntable melodies (using the piano as a guide) would become an obsession. Later the opportunity to play in a band presented itself, he joined an improvisational jazz ensemble where the turntable would be featured as a lead and accompaniment instrument. This experience brought about even more music education,Later he would meet up with other like-minded musicians/turntablist and form his own all turntable group Soon the records/and people that were around him influenced the traditional musician within, prog-rock records from Yes to King Crimson and Camel and Afrobeat Music from Sunny Ade to Fela Kuti down to jazz hero’s from Sun-Ra to Ornette Coleman would be the nail in the coffin to urge him to study music play and create with sound more seriously.