Angelo Michael Martin

  • Label: Blak Whole Ent.
  • Release:
  • Catalog No:
  • HIGHER feat Billy "Bboy" Younger


This Chicagoland native has it all. A singer/songwriter with the gift of musicianship enhanced by the ability to produce and engineer his own “Vision”. Angelo Michael Martin has the gift to create music that mirrors the inner depths of his soul. His musical arrangements are guaranteed to send you on a journey as his “Silky Smooth” vocals narrate what can only be considered the “Trials and Tribulations” of a man’s travels. Angelo’s music is “Original and Funky”.

His sense of musical style penetrates every song with a barrage of rhythms and melodies that blend harmoniously together. The music progression borders the familiar with a strong shot of innovation as his lyrics relay the the message of the artist with precision and “Good Taste”. Enjoy his soulful basslines as they dance with well thought out background harmonies making for a pleasurable listening experience. Angelo Michael Martin’s mission is to produce and support “Good” original music and create a movement to produce opportunities for artist that make “Real Music”.