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Since a near fatal car accident, Houston born artist, Bel-Ami, has been on a mission to ensure that he leaves a legacy of music that is both impactful and worth remembering. A staple on Houston’s local music scene, Bel-Ami has worked tirelessly to forward his art throughout the city. As a member of “The Tribe” and co-founder of “The Renaissance Suite” he has played an important role in the emergence of a new culture of music in Houston. His debut EP “Know U” is a quest for self-discovery through connection, and is born from the urgency of, and commitment to his mission. Familiar elements of soul, rock, jazz and dance lay the musical foundation on which Bel-Ami crafts a vocal collage writhing with lyrical depth and purpose. His passion pours through his music and the “Know U – EP” introduces music lovers to a new sound.