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  • prod. by Bobby Earth


  • mixed by Tone

    Divine Thoughts

At first sight, D. Arthur matches the way he describes his music to be;


Hip Hop.


No labels.

After realizing sports weren’t for him, D. Arthur began to explore art instead of sports.  In deeply investigating artists like Jay Electronica, 9th Wonder, J. Dilla, Davo the C.E.O., Chi Bey, and Zro, D. Arthur created his own style of expressing his inner thoughts. In discussion, D. Arthur is unassuming, but with great production behind him, like tracks with the likes of Bobby Earth and upcoming Mufasa Enzor, the artist takes off on a verbal blissing for the ears that will receive him.

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Over the past 3 years, D.Arthur expresses that he feels a divine alignment has happened in his life that has allowed him to become more patient and has connected him with talented like-minds to take his insight and turn it into penetrating, catchy, easy-listening tracks. He hopes that through his music, listeners will realize that they are all stars and have our own power. He also believes that one can find God through Self-discovery. D. Arthur holds himself in nature as a minimalist. Much of his lyricism explores these themes.

Arthur is also a skilled photographer and videographer, recently shooting the music video for Peyton’s Aerial. He is interested in art, painting, and the science or Life.


You can become more immersed in the world of D.Arthur by visiting his social media below