Ill Se7en

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  • Mo Speaks & Ill 7

    Molina Speaks

  • Thoughts of a Cinematic Mind

Denver, Colorado:

Far more than your average MC. Se7en is an Artivist, Community Leader and Youth Counselor leading with vibrant music that speaks to the social ills that plague the urban spectrum. Se7en has worked with the likes of Jurassic 5, Blu, Dead Prez, Phil the Agony and countless others, not only to musically collaborate with, but to bring about the social change he wishes to see.

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His vocal tone has been compared to that of the late Big L, while his style is sharp, powerful and trained. His next ‘B’ project is titled “Thoughts from a Cinematic Mind”; A  soulful collection of sounds with thought provoking concepts featuring production by Mikey Fresh.