Karega Ani

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  • Inhaling Heaven

  • Crayzee

Karega Ani is a music producer from Houston,TX. For roughly a decade, he’s been busy developing his unique production style, living by the creed that diligent preparation must always precede presentation. In composing, Mr. Ani draws from a wide range of influences, from Hip Hop to straight ahead Jazz, from gospel to funk, from down home blues to hot buttered Soul. As such, he creates sound scapes that are as timeless as they are timely. He’s had the pleasure of working with a myriad of artists representing a wide range of genres (Amp Fiddler, Veronique, Malik Alston, PKT, Inertia, Zin, Marie Brown, Black PROFIT, Taalam Acey, Mohogany Browne, et al.). Mr. Ani also has a wide range of selections geared toward film, gaming, advertisements, websites and other forms of media. He looks forward to putting his talents to work for you.


Karega Ani is also an accomplished performance poet, having shared the stage with literary luminaries such as Talaam Acey, Jessica Care Moore, Saul Williams, The Last Poet, The Welfare Poets, Bryonne Bain, Mutabaruka and so many more. Loved by some, feared by others and well respected by most all, Karega pens and delivers heartfelt and evocative works created with a singular purpose in mind – healing.